Jason Robinson


IRC freenode: jaywink

Open source advocate, Pythonista and Linux enthusiast. Lead Developer at Anders Innovations.


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Project: Socialhome

Django application that provides users the ability to create content for their profile which is then displayed in grids. Content can be Markdown or HTML, featuring a WYSIWYG editor.

All content is designed to be federated using the Diaspora protocol. In addition to profile content, users will be able to create non-profile content (in a more traditional status message way) and read streams of other user content from local users or other nodes via the federation layer.

Powers this site.

Tech stack

Django 1.10, Channels, Bootstrap 4, jQuery, Masonry, RQ, PostgreSQL, uWSGI, Circus, Py.test, Whitenoise, Mocha, federation.


Project: federation

Python library to abstract social federation protocols. Currently supports a subset of the Diaspora protocol.

Used by Socialhome and Social-Relay.

Tech stack

Python, lxml, pycrypto, Py.test.


Project: The-Federation.info

Statistics hub and node list for The Federation (Diaspora*, Friendica, Hubzilla).

Tech stack

Node.js, Bootstrap, jQuery, Express, Nunjucks, Rickshaw, Footable.


Project: Social Relay

Social Relay is an application to relay public posts between nodes of The Federation (diaspora* and compatible social networking servers).

Keeps track of nodes and their subscription preferences, receives payloads and forwards the payloads to subscribers. The aim is to pass public posts around in an efficient way so any new node in the network can quickly subscribe to lots of public activity, without having to wait a long time to create social relationships.

Tech stack

Flask, RQ, PostgreSQL, Peewee, Circus, federation, Py.test.



Python Helsinki meetup at F-Secure @ 7th Jan 2015

PyLadies Helsinki meetup at Anders Innovations @ 16th Dec 2014


Hacker Public Radio @ FOSDEM'15


Biertaucher-Podcast @ FOSDEM'15


Knightwise @ FOSDEM'15

PyCharm <3

DJ mixes

Some mixes and live sets from my ealier breakbeat / drum'n'bass hobby.