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Global computing power demand from internet-connected devices, high resolution video streaming, emails, surveillance cameras and a new generation of smart TVs is increasing 20% a year, consuming roughly 3-5% of the world’s electricity in 2015, says Swedish researcher Anders Andrae.

Ireland, which with Denmark is becoming a data base for the world’s biggest tech companies, has 350MW connected to data centres but this is expected to triple to over 1,000MW, or the equivalent of a nuclear power station size plant, in the next five years

Glyn Moody says that We also need to remember that this is mostly personal data. "we should collect less, zero if possible"

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‘Tsunami of data’ could consume one fifth of global electricity by ...
‘Tsunami of data’ could consume one fifth of global electricity by 2025 - https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2017/dec/11/tsunami-of-data-could-consume-fifth-global-electricity-by-2025 remember: this is mostly personal data. we should collect less, zero if possible

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Our #society sucks :(

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What I Hate About YouTube

or Why I Quit Facebook

Algorithms, man. They can be brutally stupid. This video is really interesting. It features three intelligent men having a deep conversation about important topics for nearly three hours. I really enjoyed watching it, and it challenged some of my strongly held beliefs. HOWEVER, two of these men are outspokenly critical of "SJW" politics on college campuses, which have made them unwitting heroes of anti-feminist troglodytes and their ilk. Since YouTube reduces me to a statistic, my suggested video list will now be filled with hateful rants by vapid, sneering MRAs, "Anti-SJWs", and other forms of swamp life because, hey, if I watch a video that they like, I must be just like them, right?

It's the same on Facebook. These algorithms force one into an ever-tightening feedback spiral that not only hides new ideas from the user, but actively discourages them from seeking them out for fear of poisoning their feeds. I watched this video, but I have, many times, passed interesting looking content over because I was afraid on tainting my suggested videos with odious garbage. Because I allowed myself to indulge in this small bit of intellectual curiosity, I'll have to spend days watching nothing but videos are physics and tropical fish before things go back to normal, and even then, YouTube will try slipping in a few "red pill" and "SJW takedown" videos, just in case. Fug.

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Ok I have run into a hardcore leftist claiming capitalism is:

  1. Authoritarian
  2. Comprised of "bosses" and "bossed"
  3. Transfer of money from the poor to the rich.

Putting aside the ad hom he spewed at me which I'm not going into here I'm going refute these claims.

  1. Capitalism is by definition a voluntary exchange of goods and services. Widgit A for widgit B. Widgits could be anything of value, money, services, goods, whatever.
  2. While one CAN organize a business in a hierarchical structure, doing so is not the ONLY way to do so. One can organize a business as a coop as well.
  3. In an anarcho-capitalist society (which is kind of where this debate started) one doesn't have to make profit at all. One simply needs to interact VOLUNTARILY. There is no problem with organizing as a non profit society or charitable organization whatsoever. One could even organize as a commune if one could figure out how to do it peacefully and voluntarily.
  4. Transfer of funds from the poor to the rich, or the centralization of wealth, isn't the function of capitalism. That is largely the function of corporatism otherwise known as fascism. Capitalism without the state does not include such features as limited liability for a select few, patents, lobbying (because without the state there would be no one to lobby), or state police forces and military. In short if you want to wage a war then that'll cost you money in terms of a private army. Wars are expensive because armies are expensive. And this then begs the question: If you are initiating force via a private army are you not attempting to create your own dictatorship? Which is why I say the defining trait of the state is the initiation of force and willingness to use violence to compel others to comply with an ideology NOT the size thereof.

In a capitalist society value is traded for value and reputation is maintained through communication networks and holding vendors accountable. That's why getting rid of limited liability is important. Even if one is psudoanonymous or truly anonymous the concept still works because one cannot interact with society without building and maintaining reputation. So instead of regulation and coercion one would use reputation and market forces to hold people accountable. This is of course assuming people care enough about something to actually spend money on it.

Saying one only cares about money is like saying one only cares about meters or Celsius degrees. Money is a measure of value, it's a tool, it's a unit of measure. One can care about measuring things for many different reasons. Everything from self preservation, to saving the world.

Also: Taxing people doesn't equate to caring about them. Nor does NOT taxing people equate to not caring about them. Donald Trump plays golf on tax payer dollars. And many people perform tons of charitable works out of their own pocket. Taxes != empathy.

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David McCauley