Rationalizing Python's APIs https://lwn.net/Articles/727973/ #python #programming

Dr. Roy Schestowitz (罗伊)
13 hours ago

Introduction to Machine Learning with Python

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heise Developer (inoffiziell)
17 hours ago

PyFormat: Using % and .format() for great good!


Nice examples! I must confess I so like the old style better for simple cases, due to being shorter to write.


Jason Robinson
20 hours ago


Andre Müller
a day ago

Some basic #search on #Socialhome finally starting to come together. Only on my personal node atm though. Explains why many people got a follow from me just now as I'm eagerly searching and following people from my #diaspora contacts :) Remote direct match lookup is still to come though, so can't reach all pods who don't push over the relay system (btw, you should!). Currently the search is for profiles only. Tags will be added soon, after that full text for content.

On the technical side, after prototyping some solutions, went with django-haystack for the search framework and whoosh for the engine. Whoosh is a pure #Python backend with a file index. While this might not offer the performance we will need for large index full text search (from all content!), using Haystack on top means we can just switch transparently to #Elasticsearch at any time without touching pretty much any code - or even support using one or the other. Some people running nodes might not want to install ES.

Landing soon in master, you can try it at my own site if you are interested. It's basic but works.

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Jason Robinson
3 days ago

Create, Traverse, Slice, Insert, Append, Sort, Reverse, Delete, Aggregate, Compare, Join and Alias Lists using Python List Functions #opensource #code, #coding, #dev, #development #programming #scripting #python https://likegeeks.com/python-list-functions

Python List Functions - The Definitive Guide - Like Geeks
Create, Append, Insert, Traverse, Slice, Sort, Reverse Delete, Compare, Join, index, and Aggregate Python Lists using Python List Functions With Examples.

3 days ago

Python Programming Basics with Examples Manipulating Strings Manipulating Numbers Manipulating Dates and Times Dealing with File System Networking and Connectivity Threading in Python Using Raspberry PI #opensource #code, #coding, #dev, #development #programming #scripting #python #Raspberry #Networking #Threading https://likegeeks.com/python-programming-basics/

Python Programming Basics with Examples - Like Geeks
Learn Python Programming basics, Manipulating Strings, Numbers, Dates and Times, Dealing with File System, Networking, Threading, Using Raspberry PI

3 days ago

Pythonic #JavaScript for Web Developers //

Colleague gave a talk at #EuroPython re #Python Web development and Javascript. He is the one who convinced me to have another look at #VueJS 👍


Jason Robinson
3 days ago

The State of #Developer Ecosystem #2017 - #Infographic

Interesting #survey from #JetBrains. Some takeaways I found interesting:

  • #Python was the 5th popular language, though if you count out HTML/CSS and SQL, then 3rd (JavaScript, Java, Python). But, more people indicated a wish to adopt Python than any other language 👍
  • Only 55% indicated they write unit #tests 😱 19% of #opensource contributors indicated they don't do unit #testing 😱😱
  • 42% indicated they contribute to #opensource regularly or from time to time
  • #Linux got a massive 40% share in operating systems, though 21% use #Windows and Linux simultaneously. This is a logical result, since web development pretty much requires using Linux at least virtually. And Linux is a much more popular choice among developers than it is for normal regular Joe users (where the market share is more like 2%).
  • Just over 50% indicated they sleep over 6 hours a night. 6% sleep less than 3 hours..
  • Only 11% indicated they don't have a hobby project
  • Python 3 is used by 53% of Pythonistas. Good riddance Python 2, we're moving on!
  • 67% of Pythonistas prefer #Django for their framework
  • 88% of developers are under 40 years of age. Which makes me a dinosaur of the industry 😁
  • ES6 is adopted by 82% of #JavaScript developers
  • #React is adopted by 49% of JavaScript developers

It's a survey among many, always interesting to see results and compare between.


The State of Developer Ecosystem 2017 - Infographic | JetBrains
Over 5,200 developers share their insights on modern technologies, programming languages, frameworks, and tools of choice for software development.

Jason Robinson
4 days ago

<https: magpi="" thonny="" www.raspberrypi.org=""> <https: android="" duckduckgo="" for="" magpi="" thonny="" via="" www.raspberrypi.org=""> Thonny IDE for Python. Raspberry Pi

Tags: #dandelíon #python-ide #thonny #python #raspberrypi

via dandelion* client / GitHub</https:></https:>

\author{Iľłδăρ ßąfá`in}
4 days ago

Precompiled wheel of PyCrypto 2.6.1 for Python 3.6 on Windows 7 x64

Maybe it will save someone's time.

Download here


  1. Install Visual Studio Community Edition 2017 with VC++ 2015 native toolset.
  2. Restart your comuter.
  3. Run vcvarsall.bat x86_amd64 (x86_amd64 is optional parament depended of your CPU)
  4. Run set VC2015INSTALLDIR=-FI"c:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 14.0\VC"
  5. Run set CL=-FI"%VC2015INSTALLDIR%\include\stdint.h"
  6. Run pip install pycrypto

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Alexander Dikov
4 days ago

#Programming Languages Ladder, Benchmarks of #PHP http://www.tuxmachines.org/node/103237 #java #python

4 days ago

Hey everyone, I’m #newhere. I’m interested in #linux, #python, #rock-climbing, #running, and #ultrarunning.

5 days ago

#Animación #Animation #Python + #FreeCAD

Diego Ariel Capeletti
6 days ago

federation version 0.13.0 released

This #Python #federation library release mostly fixes compatibility with the latest #Diaspora federation protocol changes that are rolling out to some nodes.



Backwards incompatible changes

  • When processing Diaspora payloads, entity used to get a _source_object stored to it. This was an etree.Element created from the source object. Due to serialization issues in applications (for example pushing the object to a task queue or saving to database), _source_object is now a byte string representation for the element done with etree.tostring().


  • New style Diaspora private encrypted JSON payloads are now supported in the receiving side. Outbound private Diaspora payloads are still sent as legacy encrypted payloads. (issue)
    • No additional changes need to be made when calling handle_receive from your task processing. Just pass in the full received XML or JSON payload as a string with recipient user object as before.
  • Add created_at to Diaspora Comment entity XML creator. This is required in renewed Diaspora protocol. (related issue)


  • Fix getting sender from a combination of legacy Diaspora encrypted payload and new entity names (for example author). This combination probably only existed in this library.
  • Correctly extend entity _children. Certain Diaspora payloads caused _children for an entity to be written over by an empty list, causing for example status message photos to not be saved. Correctly do an extend on it. (issue)
  • Fix parsing Diaspora profile tag_string into Profile.tag_list if the tag_string is an empty string. This caused the whole Profile object creation to fail. (issue)
  • Fix processing Diaspora payload if it is passed to handle_receive as a bytes object. (issue)
  • Fix broken Diaspora relayables after latest 0.2.0 protocol changes. Previously relayables worked only because they were reverse engineered from the legacy protocol. Now that XML order is not important and tag names can be different depending on which protocol version, the relayable forwarding broke. To fix, we don't regenerate the entity when forwarding it but store the original received object when generating a parent_author_signature (which is optional in some cases, but we generate it anyway for now). This happens in the previously existing entity.sign_with_parent() method. In the sending part, if the original received object (now with a parent author signature) exists in the entity, we send that to the remote instead of serializing the entity to XML.
    • To forward a relayable you must call entity.sign_with_parent() before calling handle_send to send the entity.


  • Post.photos entity attribute was never used by any code and has been removed. Child entities of type Image are stored in the Post._children as before.
  • Removed deprecated user private key lookup using user.key in Diaspora receive processing. Passed in user objects must now have a private_key attribute.

Python library for abstracting social federation protocols

Jason Robinson
6 days ago

#Python 3.6.2 is now available


Python 3.6.2 is now available
Python 3.6.2 is now available.   Python 3.6.2 is the second maintenance release of Python 3.6, which was initially released in 2016-12 to gr...

Jason Robinson
6 days ago

https://talkpython.fm/episodes/show/120/python-in-finance #Python in Finance

Renato Candido
7 days ago

Первая верхушка десяти популярных языков программирования

The top 10 languages in the Tiobe index for July 2017:

  1. Java (13.774 percent)

  2. C (7.321)

  3. C++ (5.576)

  4. Python (3.543)

  5. C# (3.518)

  6. PHP (3.093)

  7. Visual Basic .Net (3.05)

  8. JavaScript (2.606)

  9. Delphi/Object Pascal (2.49)

Я очень удивлен как залез сюда VB, JS и Паскаль Паскаль язык программирования, но VB и JS языками не являются. К моей радости С++ и Java в первой тройке.
оригинал: #ru_cpp #python

7 days ago

Всем привет, я #новичок.Мне интересны #advantures, #deepweb, #i2p, #internet, #java, #memes, #money, #onion, #progrmming, #python, #qiwi, #smm, #web и #интернет. И я люблю спамить тегами =) #ru

7 days ago

Problem Solving with Algorithms and Data Structures using Python

Bildbeschreibung hier eingeben

Always good to have a basics book at hand! #python #alogorithms

7 days ago

The Top #Programming Languages 2017 - IEEE Spectrum

#Python takes #1 spot \o/


Jason Robinson
8 days ago

#Fedora Loves #Python


Jason Robinson
9 days ago

Leben wie Monty Python in Frankfurt an der Oder

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SZ.de alle Artikel (inoffiziell)
13 days ago

#python #programación

Ahora que viene esa época del año en la que tenemos un poco más de tiempo libre, os dejo URL para realizar un curso online y gratuito de programación en Phyton.


Codecademy is the easiest way to learn how to code. It's interactive, fun, and you can do it with your friends.

Enrique Ramos Sedeño
14 days ago