Has anyone tried upgrading to #Postgres 10 for their pod? I'm curious to see if the various optimizations will make the pod faster. #podmin #diaspora #postgresql

Brad Koehn

Is prosody 0.10 compatible with Diaspora integrated chat ?

I just want to know if any other #podmin have upgrated prosody to last version ? and if specific authentication lua module is compatible with v 0.10 ?

Thanks for your help.


Jean-Pierre Morfin

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There are times when you want to quit and go back to play with your H-MAN.

Today was such a day.

Database upgrade failed - okay reinstall failed - mmmh okay Backup - great i have one - crc error - NOK Tapebackup from Sunday ----> tape cracked at half of the backup...... §"§$%(/§$%(/%

So pod.dapor.net is running on an VERY old Backup, i think about beginning of september (the last correct running full backup)

Sorry for that.....

I hope the rest of the server has no damage at all....

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Generic diaspora question. Is there a way to change my account identifier xxx@joindiaspora.com?

Asking pod instead? Or have I to destroy my account and create a new one?

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A few more web server tweaks, added OCSP Stapling and TLS Session Resumption. Should be a little bit faster. #podmin

Brad Koehn

Do most pods support sending messages via TLSv1.2? I'm wondering if I can turn off TLS v1.1 support yet, or if messages won't federate properly.

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Brad Koehn

Hello, my new pod is up and running - the old one is history :-)

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I have a request for all podmins: could you please check your logfiles for salmon missing author errors like this:

DiasporaFederation::Federation::Receiver: failed to receive public message: DiasporaFederation::Salmon::MissingAuthor: DiasporaFederation::Salmon::MissingAuthor

I have in todays log around 2500 of them. Based on a discussion on Discourse it seems to be a problem in the relay but I want to figure out if this is general problem or a single persons fate (as nobody else was noticing this).


Salmon: missing author
Hi, while checking my production log I found a lot (more than 1900) of entries like this: 2017-09-22T06:17:12] ERROR PID-1649 TID-70251678282980 DiasporaFederation::Federation::Receiver: failed to receive public message: DiasporaFederation::Salmon::MissingAuthor: DiasporaFederation::Salmon::MissingAuthor What does this mean? And is there a way to turn up the loglevel? I only found something debugging-related in the developer FAQ (but I have no development.log as my pod runs in production mod...


Today marks one month since the release of diaspora* During that time, 114 pods upgraded to this last major version! That includes 16 pods running the development version and 10 pods which already upgraded to released past night and which fixes a security issue in nokogiri, a library used by diaspora* (Podmins, upgrade!).

That means that there is now more pods running the 7th major version than any other version, and that most diaspora* users are using the last features! Congratulation everybody!

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#Podmin #Question: I keep getting automatically logged out of #diasp_eu for some reason. Any idea why?


Hi good people of diasporing.ch ;) I would like to announce that the #chat #feature on the #pod has been replaced with a better version! Please feel free to write any #comments or #suggestions you might have on it here. Thank you. With your help we'll make a better pod! #diaspora #podmin

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