Blaming all of #humanity for #climate #change lets #capitalism off the hook. - The #anthropocene #myth https://www.jacobinmag.com/2015/03/anthropocene-capitalism-climate-change/

The Anthropocene Myth
Blaming all of humanity for climate change lets capitalism off the hook.

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0tXiDcmFfl0 #DAVID_ICKE - #2017 - #Humanity At A #Crossroads

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#us #interventions #worst #disgrace to #humanity: Bolivia's #morales http://www.telesurtv.net/english/news/US-Interventions-Worst-Disgrace-to-Humanity-Bolivias-Morales-20170520-0024.html

US Interventions Worst Disgrace to Humanity: Bolivia's Morales
The Indigenous leader's message comes amid the ongoing U.S. aggression against the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and the Syrian Arab Republic.

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If #MothersDay doesn't make you feel ashamed of #humanity (and it should) this might do the trick.


Mother’s Day marketing is getting weirdly sexual
Is sappy and sentimental really so bad?

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Jiddu Krishnamurti



#jiddukrishnamurti #krishnamurti #philosophy #religion #nature #culture #humanity #knowledge #compassion #intelligence #video #livestream

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#BIOLOGICAL #DARKNESS: The Assault on #Humanity -- #Sofia_Smallstorm

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Personal bottom-line perspective on a main aspect of the present state of human “civilization”

#humanity #civilization https://medium.com/@aiaii/the-crazy-uncle-at-the-wheel-is-the-elephant-in-the-room-d80f04cb32c9

The Crazy Uncle at the Wheel is the Elephant in the Room
In seeming madness they go further down the same road

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8EaxYkw6HrE The Hijacking of #Humanity: The Final #War and the #Dissolution of #Illusions Part 1 #wtfu #now

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for a peek inside what humanity is really fighting... the ultimate (or first) #false-dichotomy - humans vs sub-humans.

comment from: https://joindiaspora.com/posts/9108502


bull shit. dumb ass. The Torah does not write “chosen people” but “Am segulah”, you vile scum dumb ass Goyim ignoramuses who rely solely upon your fucked up translations. Segulah means “power to change ones’ luck”. Avram had no children, Yitzak was bound on an altar for sacrifice and a ram got its horns caught in a shrub permitting Avraham to catch it and dedicate it in the place of Yitzak. Yaacov’s seed were slaves in Egypt and came out a free people capable of conquering our own country. Idiot you quote from a Face Book blog, vile stupid dumb ass fucked up mother fucker. Moshiach and Messiah 2 completely different ideas, Moshiach its a prophetic concept wherein Israel wars against the Gods whom Goyim whoreship and expels all sub humans from the oath sworn lands. Messiah its a Greek theology that all men from the moment that Adam the first man sinned - that all humanity fell and that the messiah makes atonement for original sin.

#Israel #Palestine #Middle-East #perpetual-war #refugee-crisis #migrant-crisis #humanity #Syria #Talmud #Kabala #Ashkenazi

Time to rethink your paradigm, the red-pill is waiting for you my fellow humans.

Is Trump’s Jared Kushner connection to the Chabad Lubavitch sect th...
Is Trump’s Jared Kushner connection to the Chabad Lubavitch sect the cause for his dramatic U-turn? The sect is deliberately fomenting a prophesied Third World War. It believes Jews are God’s chosen people and everyone else is trash. In the book “Gatherings of Conversations” Rebbe Schneerson tells his followers that Jewish people are an extension of God and Gentiles are destined to serve the Jews. Historian Wolfgang Eggert says this is the real face of the Illuminati; the Rothschilds belong to this cult. He says this cult intends to initiate a nuclear holocaust in order to fulfill biblical prophecy and hasten the return of the Messiah: https://etymology01.com/2017/04/10/kushners-belong-to-jewish-supremacist-doomsday-cult-makow/ #oligarch #kabala #talmud #satanist #elitists #perpetual-war #WWIII

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Je ne sais pas si l'on peut considérer que cet artiste est commercial au vu de son passif plutôt altruiste.

J'aime la tonalité de sa voix, le tempo, le groove...

#music #humanity #soul #groove #freedom #ajoutecequetuveux

Je vous souhaite beaucoup de plaisir dans cette découverte. Bonne soirée les gentes.


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Foundational Expression & Perspective

Personal Rising 2017


  • those interested in hearing the genuine bottom-line expression & perspective (self Truth), of a thoughtful fellow member of the human family, particularly in regards to the present state of humanity (offered in degrees of detail, to accommodate varying levels of interest & engagement)
  • those interested in meaningful connection with other thoughtful & caring fellow members of the human family (for one or more of several types of connection/purpose, particularly as it relates to the continuation of the human species; for any who strongly resonate and are moved to connect)

A human male, who awakened to self & reality, and transformed in an extraordinary way (characterized relative to the entirety of this particular individual life experience & perspective)… and which included the emergence of a genuine deep love of self & humanity… after much genuine introspection, observation, and allowing conscious awareness (fully facing one’s own discovered truth of self & reality)… one who is now strongly focused on, and fully dedicated to, the continuation of the human creation, and the Rising of a genuine Humanity, oriented to harmony, peace, and well-being for all of our human family.

[ Writing in progress. First section—Brief expression—is completed (see writing on Medium). When completed, writing will be posted in entirety in new d* post. ] #life #humanity #connection #transformation #civilization #evolution #harmony #awakening #PersonalTransformation

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LWmb1JdBOJE #HUMANITY vs #INSANITY #43 : #Rik #Mayall's #Final #Curtain #911

#Rik-Mayall is best known for his outstanding & unique comedy talent in roles such as the student anarchist, Rik, in The Young Ones; Lord Flashheart in Blackadder

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#inhumane #israel The Zionists continue their #crimes #against #humanity. What's new?

http://www.aljazeera.com/news/2017/04/israel-punishes-hunger-striking-palestinian-prisoners-170418085139953.html Israel punishes #hunger-striking #Palestinian prisoners

Israeli authorities look to quell mass #hunger-strike through solitary confinement and punitive measures.

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Time for the left to #UNITE

#Solidarity from #Spain #Podemos #Pablo #Iglesias

This picture though #french specific brings a sign for the #humanity the need for levent movements to unite and be stronger. Thats the only way they can fight the policies of #Austerity by #ECB and the gang. #gauche #Mélenchon #france #jlm2017 #politique #Présidentielle #Présidentielle2017 #europe #europa #españa

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"Those who #support #capitalism support #war." - #western #nuclear War #threatens #humanity: Bolivia's Evo Morales

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#Uttarashadha #Nakshatra

Uttarashadha (26°40′ Sagittarius to 10°00′ Capricorn)

he nakshatra Uttarashadha bridges the signs of #Sagittarius and #Capricorn in the #astrology chart. In the night sky, Uttarashadha is visible as the stars Sigma, Tau, Phi, Zeta Sagittarii. These are the brightest stars in the breast of the archer. Uttarashadha is a star of deep integrity and concern for #humanity. The deities of this star, the ten #Vishvadevas, are the gods of dharma. Thus, a person born under this star may have noble aspirations and an optimistic outlook on life. Uttarashadha supports leadership, achievement and a commitment to duty. They must be careful not to overextend themselves or become obsessed with constant stimulation. This star is associated with great respect for tradition and a practical approach to beginning new ventures.

General Characteristics: Searching for the spiritually unknown; becomes deeply involved in any task; obedient, trained in the rules of virtue; grateful, popular and always returns favors.

Translation: "Latter Invincible One", "Latter unconquered", "Final victory"

Symbol: Elephant’s tusk; planks of a bed

Animal Symbol: A Male #Mongoose

Presiding Deity: The Ten Vishvadevas, the sons of Lord Dharma

Controlling Planet: #Sun

Ruling Deity of Sun: #Shiva

Nature: Manushya (human)

Mode: Balanced

Number:21, (associated with the crown chakra and universal perspective)

Gender: Female

Dosha: Kapha

Guna: Sattwic

Element: Air

Disposition: Fixed or permanent (dhruva)

#Bird: #Stork

#Tree: Common Name: #Bread-Fruit Botanical Name: #Artocarpus-heterophyllus

Seed Sounds: Be, Bo, Ja, Ji (see Padas of Uttarashadha)

Also related to Planets: Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius, gives expansion; Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, is practicality

Each Nakshatra is divided into four quarters called padas that contain more specific characteristics of a person born during the pada of Uttarashadha:

#padas: First #Pada 26°40′ – 30°00′ of Sagittarius. Ruled by Jupiter Soul Sound: Be (Bay) Keyword: Expansion

Second Pada 00°00′ – 03°20′ of Capricorn. Ruled by Saturn Soul Sound: Bo Keyword: Manifestation

Third Pada 03°20′ – 06°40′ of Capricorn. Ruled by Saturn Soul Sound: Ja (Jaa) Keyword: Collaboration

Fourth Pada 06°40′ – 10°00′ of Capricorn. Ruled by Jupiter Soul Sound: Ji (Jee) Keyword: Balance

Strength: Virtuous; intelligent; sympathetic listener; leadership qualities; good politicians; well-liked; devoted to friends and companions; grateful; idealistic with high goals; modest; optimistic; has some knowledge that sets them apart; proficient in learning; enjoys reading to gain knowledge; benefits through travels; tolerant; wants a fair play and justice; good manners; appreciative of others.

Weakness: Multiple marriages or long-term relationships; stays in destructive relationships too long; overly anxious; takes on other people’s problems; obstinate; self centered; self indulgent; changes residences more than most; faces early adversity in life; apathetic; fails to finish what they start.

Professions: Professions of great responsibility and ethical nature, researchers, scientists, military worker, social worker, government worker, preachers, priests, counselors, astrologers, lawyers, judges, psychologists, equine professions, explorers, wrestlers, athletes, hunters, boxers, business executives, authority figures, security personnel, rangers, construction industry, holistic physicians.

Famous Uttarashadhas: Abraham Lincoln, Robert Kennedy, George Washington, John Lennon, Brad Pitt, Billy Holiday

Favorable Activities: It is one of the best nakshatras for initiating activities, planning events, spiritual activities, rituals, using discernment, business affairs, signing contracts, promotions, dealing with authority, artistic ventures, laying a foundation for a building, moving into a new home, marriage, politics, and legal matters

Unfavorable Activities: Travel, unethical activities, criminal activity, impulsive actions, rude behavior, conclusions


Sacred Energy Vortex: Keezhppoongudi Sri Meenakshi Samedha Sri Sundareswarar Temple

This sacred shrine is located in Keezhppoongudi near Madurai in the state of Tamil Nadu, India. Keezh translates as "not hidden" while Poongudi refers to a temple where flowers bloom in the East. Uttarashadha is a propitious star that vibrates with the energy of this temple. It is auspicious to receive the darshan of Jeeva Samaadhi (still meditation) Siddhas on Uttarashada star day. This will bring poise, wealth and strength to one’s spiritual practice.

Panguni Uthiram (Uttarashada day between Dec. 16 and Jan 15) is the well known day of marriage for Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu, Lord Mugura and their consorts. Another important marriage occurred on an Uttarashadha day. Sri Meenaskshi Ambhigai was married on Chittirai Uthiram (Jan 16 to Feb 15). Meenaskshi Devi took a human form as Meenakshi when she married Maheswaran. She prayed to Lord Shiva for a name blessed with the energy of Ardhanareeswarar (the unity of Shiva and Parvati). Lord Shiva presented her with the sacred name Sri Meenaskhi Sundareswarar.

At this temple, Lord Shiva and Goddess Meenakshi grant divine grace by manifesting as Sri Meenakshi Samedha Sri Sundareswarar. This sacred shrine of Lord Shiva at Keezhappoongudi provides auspicious energy for marriage. Uttarashada star is the most favorable day for a wedding ceremony at this sacred site. Women visit the temple to tie new marriage badges. This protects their marriage and grants longevity. Couples also visit this temple on their wedding day and wear flower garlands.

Those born in Uttarashada star should worship frequently at this temple. It is especially beneficial to visit during the month of Chittirai. Those born under a different star should also worship at this temple during the auspicious time of Uttarashada day for divine blessings of a long and happy married life.

Uttarashada natives, your incense is made with the herb Bread Fruit as prescribed by the Vedas.

Burning one of these pillars is like performing a mini fire ritual for that particular star formation. For your specific Birthstar, you will be able to connect inwardly to your planet of energetic origin and gain support with the positive aspects that are you.

Burning the other Nakshatra pillars on that specific Nakshatra day will tune you in with the favorable activities with that star’s energy for the day. It is recommended to at least burn your own personal Nakshatra pillar daily to stay connected to your essence. It is advantageous to burn the days Nakshatra pillar as well.

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What are the 2 biggest forms of #enslavement on #humanity ?

-Answer: The monetary system and religion.

Both are massively entrenched in deception which is the basis of how the enslavement on humanity works: In many ways, the more attached to either the more immersed one becomes in illusion… I’m sure you’ve heard it said ‘It’s a mad world’. Indeed, it is a mad world and in many ways connections to money andreligion have been the causes.

Both were invented by the hidden powers that be about 5,000 years ago in the first ever known cities such as Babylon, Mesopotamia and Nineveh in ancient Sumer. Basically, the invention of the monetary system has enslaved humanity on the physical level, while religion has enslaved on the spiritual level stultifying genuine spiritual growth. Many people are totally unaware of this, that they have been stitched up and how over the years the inventors the ruling elite have used both money and religion purely for power, financial and political gains.

I will be covering religion extensively in other messages (apologies for putting this subject on hold in the way I have). This message is a brief expose on the money scam and how it is symbolised in the Western world using the American dollar bill as an example, giving rise to how the hidden powers that be work behind the scenes and what you can do after you’ve got the realization that you’re being played.


Money and U.S. Dollar Occult Symbolism
Even the most hardened sceptic would have a difficult time dismissing the following features on the bill as mere ‘coincidence.’

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#humility #humanity

2 months ago

For all those working for the continuation of human beings, who have already come to know for themselves that human “civilization” is facing a very serious existential crisis (and in the present, not the distant future) … and for those who are working for the emergence of a genuine humanity …

#humanity #civilization #Earth #peace #government


The Crazy Uncle at the Wheel is the Elephant in the Room
In seeming madness they go further down the same road

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#Reversing #the #Brainwashing as the Only Hope for #Humanity - part 3 of Will the Angels Come to Resc...



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traduccion abajo

The Good Catholics, The Poison Tamale, and the Santa Muerte

My neighbors worship the greatest evil, yet think they are Catholic. My neighbor is a smart businessman. He told me all about the political parties and their ties to the narcos years ago, yet he accepted a loan from a local narco politician a few years ago. He was promoted by the state as a local wine-grower. Later, the politician rose even higher in power and my neighbor has expanded his business. There has been constant genocide in our valley for several years. Immigrants are taken off of the trains and are ritualistically tortured and murdered by the Santa Muerte, who are under the control of the Zetas, who are in turn under the control of PRI, the old Mexican dictatorship. Nobody has been able to report these activities locally and remain alive. While it is not understood exactly why they ritualistically torture and murder, it is clear that their organs are harvested. Women are taken into the sex trade. These people were mostly indigenous, people who were once the "people of flowers."

When I heard that the bodies are finally being exhumed in the area, I decided to give a heart-felt nazi salute of "Seig Heil" to my neighbors. I don't like profanity, unless they are choice words well used on rare occasions. But when I hear screams and machine guns and bazookas all night while the rich neighbors are partying with the wine they sell to narcos during the day, then I can't help myself. Later, they offered me a tamale as a sign of peace. They said they knew nothing of the loan from the narco politician. I didn't want to make peace with them and I'm not going to eat a poisoned tamale. A yogi should only eat food prepared with love because he/she becomes one with the mind of the one who offers the food.

I really want the people in the "first" world understand the reality of the rest of the world, and that's why we have to tell them a little more softly so they can accept the horror that their lifestyles cause to the rest of the planet. These people that are not all bad, but they really are stupid and distracted. You know who: people who don't do overtly bad things, have education, buy huge houses and many new cars, and perhaps wave flags and vote for Republicans or Democrats. Poor fools; they're not so different than our Malinche.

The Poisoned Tamale

"The other day Malinche offered me a tamale wrapped in the blood of the people of flowers. I eat it, evacuate it and send it back just let all of the drunkards have their happy masquerade and wine and dine with the Red Death. Wash my waste back down with red wine, just drink yourselves to death with my filthy blessing. I offer my value-added product back to the exploiters, I send it back to you all because If I eat that shit, Malinche, somebody will die. Excuse my nasty words and deeds, but tis is better to let the exterminators exterminate themselves with their own excrement than to keep killing and soiling the people of flowers."

Los Buenos Católicos y el Tamal Envenonado

Mis vecinos adoran al mal, pero piensan que son católicos. Mi vecino es un hombre de negocios inteligente. Me contó todo sobre los partidos políticos y sus vínculos con los narcos años atrás, sin embargo aceptó un préstamo de un narco político local hace unos años. El fue promovido por el estado como productor local de vino. Más tarde, el político aumentó aún más en poder y mi vecino ha ampliado su negocio. Ha habido un genocidio constante en nuestro valle durante varios años. Los inmigrantes están robados de los trenes y son ritualmente torturados y asesinados por la santa muerte, que están bajo el control de las zetas, que están a su vez bajo el control de PRI, la vieja dictadura mexicana. Nadie ha podido reportar esas actividades localmente y quedarse vivos. Si bien no se entiende exactamente por qué ritualmente torturan y asesinatan, está claro que sus órganos están cosechados. Las mujeres se toman en el comercio sexual. Imagine, esa gente eran del campo, eran "gente de las flores." Cuando escuché que los cuerpos finalmente están siendo exhumado en la zona, decidí darle un saludo nazi de "seig hell" a mis vecinos. No me gustan las palabras feas, a menos que sean palabras de elección bien usadas en raras ocasiones. Pero cuando oigo gritos y ametralladoras y bazucas toda la noche mientras los vecinos ricos están de fiesta con el vino que venden a narcos durante el día, entonces no puedo ayudarme a mí mismo. Después me ofrecieron un tamal como una señal de paz. Dijeron que no sabían nada del préstamo del político narco. No quería hacer la paz con ellos y no voy a comer un tamal envenenado. Un yogi sólo debe comer comida preparada con amor porque se convierte en uno con la mente de la que ofrece la comida. Quiero que la gente en el "primer" mundo entienda la realidad del resto del mundo, y por eso tenemos que decirles un poco más suavemente para que puedan aceptar el horror que sus estilos de vida causan al resto del planeta . Estas personas que no son todas malas, pero realmente son estúpidas y distraído. Ya sabes quién es, la gente que no hace cosas malas, tiene educación, compra grandes casas y muchos coches nuevos, y quizás cuelgan banderas y voten por republicanos o demócratas. Pobres tontos, no son tan diferentes que nuestra malinche. Intento hacer un poco más de digestable que la versión original de ayer durante la violencia y la locura.

El Tamal Envenonada

"El otro día, La Malinche me ofreció un tamal envuelto en la sangre de la gente de las flores. Lo como, lo evacuo y lo enviaré de vuelta para todos los borrachos que tengan sus felices máscaradas con vino y cenar con la muerte roja. Lavar mis residuos con el vino tinto, beber hacia muerte con mi bendición sucio . Le ofrezco mi producto de valor añadido a los explotadores; los envío de vuelta a ellos porque si como esa mierda, Malinche, alguien morirá. Disculpen mis desagradables palabras y hechos, pero es mejor dejar que los exterminadores se exterminan con su propia suciedad que seguir matando la gente de las flores." #mexico #narco-war #santa-muerte #genocide #human-rights #humanity #indigenous #ezln #zapatistas

2 months ago

Douglas Rushkoff interviews R.U. Sirius

TEAM HUMAN Ep. 31 "R.U. Sirius "Counter What?" (April 5, 2017)


A unique episode of Team Human, on today’s show Douglas Rushkoff is joined by longtime friend and counterculture legend R.U. Sirius (aka Ken Goffman) founding editor of Mondo 2000. R.U. will help us evaluate the place of the counterculture in the digital landscape. Is counterculture even possible today? Is humanity itself the counterculture as we resist increasingly quantified and abstracted lives? Together R.U. and Rushkoff playfully and thoughtfully examine these questions while asserting those quirky yet challenging expressions of humanity not so easily reduced to code or marketing demographics.

The music on today’s show comes from a variety of R.U. Sirius’s musical projects. Visit https://rusirius.bandcamp.com/ to listen. Follow Sirius’s work at https://stealthissingularity.com/. Musicians are encouraged to connect with R.U.Sirius to collaborate.

_Needle drops in this show:


I Politician

Punching A Nazi

Be My Valerie Solanis

Love is the Product

President Mussolini Makes the Planes Run On Time_

#audio #interview #DouglasRushkoff #RUSirius #counterculture #humanity #questions #teamhuman #expression #info #disinfo #consciousness #theory #internet #connectivity #politics #reality #operation #mindfuck #thinking #relativity #postmodern #world

R.U. Sirius & Various Bands
Photo above by Eve Berni R.U. Sirius and his various bands past, present and future. R.U. Sirius was Editor in chief of legendary cyberpunk magazine MONDO 2000 in the early 1990s. Since then, he swallowed the sun in entirety and has given up acid for antacid. Bands include Party Dogs and Mondo Vanilli among others

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Fidel Castro on global warming, biofuels, and world hunger

March 29, 2007


#fidelcastro #fidel #castro #global #warming #biofuels #world #hunger #thirst #29march #2007 #pdf #document #pamphlet #cuba #environment #climateghange #ecology #farming #food #ecosocialism #marxism #theory #humanity

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