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The future we're building -- and boring | Elon Musk

Elon #Musk discusses his new project digging #tunnels under LA, the latest from #Tesla and #SpaceX and his motivation for building a #future on #Mars in conversation with #TED 's Head Curator, Chris Anderson.

I have linked to the youtube video so I can embed it in the post, but I urge to check out the video uploaded to my Goblin refuge page :)

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Jason Robinson

Why Do We Hate?

We hate because we’re taught to hate. We hate because we’re ignorant. We’re the product of ignorant people who have been taught an ignorant thing, which is that there are four or five different races. There are not four or five different races, there is only one race on the face of the earth and we’re all members of that race – the human race.

But we have separated people into races so that some of us can see ourselves as superior to the others. We thought it would work, I guess. It hasn’t worked. It has been bad for everyone. It’s time to get over this business.

There’s no gene for racism. There’s no gene for bigotry. You’re not born a bigot; you have to learn to be a bigot. Anything you learn you can unlearn. It’s time to unlearn our bigotry. It’s time to get over this thing and we best get over it pretty soon.

I’m an educator, and it’s my business as an educator to lead people out of ignorance – the ignorance of thinking that you’re better or worse than someone else because of the amount of a pigment in your skin. Pigmentation in your skin has nothing to do with intelligence or with your worth as a human being. It’s time to get over that!

Jane Elliott

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Invisibles - The #plastic inside us

source: https://orbmedia.org/stories/Invisibles_plastics

“We have enough data from looking at wildlife, and the impacts that it’s having on #wildlife, to be concerned,” said Dr Sherri Mason, a #microplastic expert at the State #University of New York in Fredonia, who supervised the analyses for Orb. “If it’s impacting [wildlife], then how do we think that it’s not going to somehow impact us?”


“We are living in The Plastic Age,” the investigation stated. “Plastic frees us, improving daily life in almost uncountable ways. And plastic imprisons us in waste and microscopic #pollution.”

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The Life of Fin


After 36 yrs of nomadic life on horseback, Finisia Medrano has returned to civilization.

A documentary and modern epic about Finisia Medrano - a transgender woman who, since 1977, has lived nomadically, traveling the west on horseback. Living by the tenant of "give back more than you take" she has planted seeds every step of the way. In her wake are a hundred thousand miles of gardens. Recently, due to health issues she has been forced back into society. This is the story of her return to old ways in the wild and eventual return to civilization.

The Life of Fin bends our ears back to a grassroots message of environmental awareness and responsibility, and the need for a restorative relationship between nature and the human experience.

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Who else malfunctionally lives as if we're safest from the #surveillance and #cointelpro -like activities when we're...

  1. isolated, to such an extent that we can't imagine, and can hardly remember, being part of the #human #community,
  2. on account of, experience says that's when we're put on the inactive targets list?

Cuz, I've been thinking about it, and, actually, I think maybe some of the people who worked really hard for short periods of time to ruin my life -- some of them -- might have simply been toxic people, acting alone.

Like, not in any #conspiracy way at all, just in the run-of-the-mill #brainwashed, sewage-flows-downhill sort of way.

And I'm trying to decide whether that's a comforting thought. At all.

Thoughts? Beyond the obvious, that I have a persecution complex and am, like, obviously just delusional, yawn-cetera. Any actual thoughts?

I think the segue can make the conversation, and I think we can basically call it a fact of power and human nature that corrupt* activity doesn't stop just because a Senate commission tells the FBI to knock it off. (*if you can even call the actions of the deep state a corruption, considering that's the actual legacy of power. COINTELPRO has been a thing for a long time, yet we live in a population who doesn't know about it, or about what it means that we pay taxes to a structure prone to activities like it. You don't know me or my life story, but I think you can assume that if the FBI really was interfering in the lives of almost every political activist in the US before the internet was invented then it's safe to say you know at least one person today who is targeted by similar programs. What's also sad but true is that we may, most of us, each know at least one person who works for such a program. That's how big that budget has grown.

The modus operandi of these people is to infect #organic social structures and destroy them from within. They work their way to the top, or near enough to the top, of the social and/or organizational ladder, all the while corrupting its ideas in #seductive ways. They turn good potential into bad, and #hope into jadedness and surrender. They defeat heroes, and then ballyhoo a #cartoon #fiction #painting that hero as a villain for the next century.

In the short term, this protects the embedded power structures by destroying challengers and whistleblowers before the public can gain an untainted awareness of the challenge. And in the long term, it destroys our ability to have positive organic change, or even positive organic relationships.

You guys, I think that if we don't reclaim and quickly #innovate upon some of our lost #humanity, then that means the #terrorists win.

So what particular kinds of interaction do you think humans are fully compatible with right now, that could be a seed that grows a stronger human forest? Why do you see it being so compatible, and why do you believe it would grow quickly enough? And most importantly of all, how does it help us tell real people from fake people -- or convert infiltrators back to their own humanity, and bring them over to the #prohuman side? Come on, I know I ask complicated questions but if you break it down and really apply what I'm saying to your own frustrations and the things that are obvious to you, everyone's got good #ideas and observations on at least some of this stuff!

Nathan Hawks

Attachment in the buddhist sense, I recently read, can also include attachment to ideals and philosophy. After the first stage of maya spent in faultily identifying the unreal for the real and the impermanent for permanent(age, pleasures, worldly objects, life, relationships, work, what-have-you) - the jiva now goes into the inverse situation: thinking of permanent things as impermanent, and real things as unreal.

The first attachment is usually what has been circled to death in endless listicles on buddhism all over the web, and hence it's probably not necessary to dwell on it much. 'Man in his shallowness thinks he's going to live for ever, and does things as though life's forever, and gets trapped in delusions and wreaks suffering on himself and others' and all that. This we can now skip over, so as to try and talk about the second stage of confusing real for unreal, which is seemingly an affliction that can find a lot of well-meaning, good-hearted people everywhere. Too many kind-hearted people I see around me are tormenting themselves by clutching hard all the symbols they believe in, bleeding their sincerity out because they cannot unclench. Can we try and unclench our fists, maybe(to deliberately put them to work again)?

Consider this: Nothing we experience is a platonic ideal, there is nothing perfect in any of the things we experience. I know, this is probably obvious when stated as a sentence, yet looking around and within, I see a lot of anger, a lot of sorrow, and a lot of bile and frustration over how everything is valueless because it's not perfect. Pause now, and think about it.

Nothing is perfect, nothing is forever. Not science, not math, not arts, not philosophy, not our languages, our ideas about life and afterlife, our understanding of the cosmos, our loving memories, our disputes, our violence, our joys, our sorrows, our anger, our identities, nothing. Doesn't mean we give up and commit hara-kiri, no. But childishly insisting that everything stay the same always because we're scared when they change doesn't help much either, does it? It sucks, but can we sit with this feeling and see if it is actually true? Can we, pretty please?

Pause one moment, and reflect on this again. Nothing we experience/remember/hope for is an ideal.

Nothing we experience/remember/hope for, is/would be forever.


For the longest time, we've had difficulty in accepting the reality of the world's situation around us. Everything has to be perfect and ideal, and that was the utopia we like to spend our times in, a made-up paradise of all the wonderful ideas presented to us by whichever philosophers/thinkers we'd come across - which included most popular religions. It's just the way language works - words mean particular things, and we begin to insist that our reality be that way, too.

Can we permit the following? I do not say that we ought to respond to them with inaction - totally not the case, we can do something about all of them, and even overcome these hurdles - but can we allow a minute to let these sink in, and accept them as things that exist in flesh and blood in the world outside us? Can we stop denying their realness and throw ourselves into miserable loops trying to fix them all in our head, so as to "restore" the perfectness to the world? Can we accept that the world as always been imperfect, people have been imperfect, things have been imperfect - and then try to mindfully, deliberately, realistically, and with strength, caution, meticulousness and groundedness - restrict our conversations to what needs to be done, instead of how horrible it all is? Can we accept that we'd never truly left the jungle, perhaps nor will we ever do so in the future? Can we, to repeat, accept the grotesqueness, and yet permit - the following?

  • People being judgemental and violent, societies undergoing endless conflict
  • Countries and societies crumbling, exploitation spreading in the world. Power struggles escalating
  • A group of people being targeted, robbed off dignity, made to suffer for years and years and years by other people, before being denied of their rights to keep existing(a template that's unfortunately true in many cases the world over)
  • Manipulative sentences dominating our opinions of each other and everything
  • Every other horrifying story that is on the news-cycle right now that thwarts our hope and stands in complete opposition to the 'fairness' that we learnt even before we could speak about it

This would probably lead us to a lot of sadness, and a lot of pain when accessing the news, living our lives. However, we can be satisfied with this sorrow - and seek action accepting its reality, instead of convulsing and rushing into knee-jerk activism that can be rash, potentially making the situation worse due to it's lack of deliberation. Because, now we'd know that we're being less petulant in our demands for the world to be the way we want it to be. We'd also be grounded when progress finds us, since we'd know it could be lost anyday. We'd thus keep ourselves on the alert towards possible 'failure modes' which can destabilize our societies, and spend our time discussing what could be done to take our world to a more ideal place - and how to reconcile differences between our different utopias.

TL-DR: We're better off accepting how fucked up the world is/our lives are, and giving it permission to constantly surprise us with uncertainty and it's ability to pull of macabre stunts. This is not to embrace passivity and inaction, on the contrary. Just as a doctor with a steady hand and mind is most effective in helping the patient at the surgery table, we become human beings with steady hands when we can accept the world in it's complete indifference to what we want it to do and become. We may pull off an imitation of our ideals on it at times, but we ought to remind ourselves every moment that it's always just that - an imitation, an imperfect-yet-ultimately-real entity which has the freedom to collapse and die(or go on a killing spree) anytime it wants to. We have control, but it's limited. Sometimes shit goes south, and there's nothing we can do. Turning our faces away is cowardice, demanding we always win is delusional.

Everything was, is, and will be imperfect. We can constantly talk about how to keep it close to our state-of-the-art ideas of perfection, and that's about all we can do - no better. This is what I've been thinking, over the last few weeks.

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Ahebm3VAxQ #humanity
#Military #Robots And Exoskeletons

An exoskeleton (from Greek έξω, éxō "outer" and σκελετός, skeletons "skeleton") is the external skeleton that supports and protects an animal's body, in contrast to the internal skeleton (exoskeleton) of, for example, a human. In usage, some of the larger kinds of exoskeletons are known as "shells".

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#Events #Exposed, #Antartica, & #Origins #of #Humanity with #ClifHigh

Part 2: #Clif_HIgh rejoins the conversation to discuss more interesting topics. You can get his latest report at www.HalfPastHuman.com See more episodes at www.SarahWestall.com Please support the program at Patreon.com/SarahWestall

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Take this #Trump!!!!!!!

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