Finally squashed the stats peaks on The-Federation.info.

Now, if only the number of active users would go up instead of declining since the peak 2,5 years ago :(

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Jason Robinson

Meine #Friendica -Instanz musste ich leider wieder abgeschaltet :-(

Ich hatte aber die Gelegenheit, meinen Account mit meinen Kontakten zu exportieren. Mir stellt sich jetzt die Frage, ob ich die hier auf #Hubzilla importieren soll bzw. kann. Wird das klappen?

Tim Schlotfeldt

The Federation

The Federation refers to a global social network composed by nodes talking together. Each of them is an installation of a software which supports the #diaspora* protocol.

The site

Visit The-Federation.info for node lists, statistics and information how to list your own node.


This account will be posting out statistics on a daily/weekly basis. The posts will be tagged according to frequency, so instead of following the account you can also subscribe to the hashtags. At least the following hashtags will be used:

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The Federation

Endlich wieder im federated social network :-) #hubzilla #bcki17 #friendica

Tim Schlotfeldt

If the Facebook CEO will be US president by 2020, most opponents will migrate to the decentralized network.

It will be a valuable opportunity for decentralized networks. To work hard!!


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Diego Ariel Capeletti

Chat with us on #Matrix

We've now a #socialhome:matrix.org room on Matrix too, in addition to our IRC and Gitter rooms. All these rooms are bridged, so you only need to join one to talk to participants in all three.

#Django developer?

Want to help build a cool social network site that federates with #Diaspora, #Friendica, #Hubzilla, and in the future #Mastodon too? Come talk and join in, help is required!

Here are some buzzwords from our technical stack: #Django, #Channels, #Bootstrap 4, #jQuery, #Masonry, #RQ, #PostgreSQL, #uWSGI, #Circus, #Mocha, #federation, #Haystack, #Whoosh. And coming up, #VueJS.


Socialhome HQ

Accede a tus datos webdav de #hubzilla usando #Nautilis

En #GNOME #Nautilus escribir el url: davs://podhubzilla.com/dav/user Y listo...estarás en tu carpeta webdav de la red social #hubzilla

#webdav #dav

Diego Ariel Capeletti

webdav with #hubzilla in nautilus

In #GNOME #Nautilus write url: davs://podhubzilla.com/dav/user

#webdav #dav

Diego Ariel Capeletti

Dear, I am testing the diaspora - hubzilla integration. I have encountered some problems in their integration. 1- When sending a message from diaspora to hubzilla the user does not receive the message. But if I send a message from hubzilla to Diaspora, if the message is received.

Can anyone know why this happens?


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Diego Ariel Capeletti

Behold - Hubzilla 2.2! - YouTube


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Diego Ariel Capeletti

My profile in hubzilla diego@hubzilla.a-zwenkau.de


Diego Ariel Capeletti

My profile in huzzilla diego@hubzilla.a-zwenkau.de


Diego Ariel Capeletti

Today I resieved a feedback about #hubzilla where someone claimed that hubzilla might be usefull if it would be explained what it does instead of it's 'marketing bullshit'.
As it seems hubzilla provides to much funtionallity that some think the describtion on the webpage is a marketing scam xD.
if someone is interested here's the conversation


LienRag on miaou.drycat.fr
@paulfree14@social.tchncs.de @bortzmeyer@mastodon.gougere.fr Si Hubzilla expliquait de quoi il s'agit autrement qu'en bullshit marketing cela serait peut-être un peu utile...


Social-Relay version 1.4.0 released

This release adds compatibility with the latest #Diaspora #protocol changes. Also now Social-Relay will verify received payloads to ensure receivers get payloads from only resolvable valid senders.


What is the relay system?

The #relay system handles distribution of public content using the #Diaspora protocol. This helps new nodes get into the network and allows subscribing to hashtags from around the network. This is an unofficial network addition not directly related to the Diaspora protocol or project itself.

If as a #podmin you want to hook up to the relay system, do as follows:

  • Enable your outbound/inbound relay configuration in your Diaspora pod settings or for #Friendica / #Hubzilla check your own settings/documentation on how to do it.
  • Ensure your node is registered at The-Federation.info. The relay system polls this list for nodes to check.
  • Profit within one hour!

Discuss and improve

Let me know if you have ideas for improving the relay system or just questions about it. Contact me here, GitHub issues or via IRC.



  • Accept new style Diaspora public payloads without xml=payload form data.
  • Add profile model. Store remote profile handle + public key for later use, since we don't want to always fetch them.
  • Start validating signatures in sent payloads. This requires fetching remote profiles. Closes #31.

Ping @{David Morley; davidmorley@diasp.org}

social-relay - Public post relay for the Diaspora federated social network protocol

Jason Robinson

#Friendica und #Hubzilla Developer Treffen

Friendica News on Twitter


A symbolic donation challenge

Since you are reading this post I guess you are directly interested in the improvement of Diaspora*. As you probably know Diaspora* couldn't improve without the hard and enthusiastic work of the developers. That is why

I challenge you to give at least a symbolic €0.01/week amount to the Diaspora* developers

€0.01/week is not much. It just €0.52/year so probably you can easily afford that. I guess you throw away much more to buy some fancy junk you don't even need at all ;-)

Isn't €0.01/week too little?

Yes, it is symbolic, but it is much more than nothing.

Also it can be a lot if most of us are willing to join (especially if some of us are willing to give a bit more).

For example, imagine if just 1% of the currently registered users of the federation have been taking this challenge. That would mean about €65/week for the developers. Just 15% of the users that were active in the past 6 month could give €75/week this way. 70% of the monthly active users could give €105/week for the developers by this "symbolic" donation.

Of course, you are free and encouraged to give more. (I also do so.)

How to participate?

Please, also encourage others to join this cause by spreading the message and voting on the poll below.

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Der Fehler

> "(Person) schrieb den folgenden Beitrag (Dauer) #her "

tritt auf #Hubzilla immer dann auf, wenn ein Beitrag weitergesagt wird. Nicht nur, entgegen meiner ursprünglichen Behauptung hier, im Schmalbildschirm-Layout. Nominativ(Ereignis) + Dauer + her + sein ist richtig, Nominativ(Akteur) + Verb + Akkusativ/Dativ(Objekt) + vor + Dauer ist auch richtig, aber nicht diese Vermischung. Ich nehme an, dass der Fehler auf die unreflektierte Übernahme der englischen Wendung mit ago und die Gleichsetzung von ago mit her zurückzuführen ist. Hier im Forum @{DE Übersetzungen ; de@hubzilla.zottel.net} sind ja #zanata, #transifex und auch die Diskussionsmöglichkeit in Hubzilla selbst erwähnt, jetzt fehlen nur noch die Taten. Mag mir bitte jemand erklären, wo ich diesen Übersetzungsfehler korrigieren und dann die Korrektur in den Quellcode einbinden/hochladen kann?
@{DE Übersetzungen+ ; de@hubzilla.zottel.net} @{Tobias ; tobias@hubz.gacrux.uberspace.de} @{Paul Free ; paulfree14@libranet.de} @{neue medienordnung plus ; nmoplus@hub.freecommunication.org} @{Fraengii ; fraengii@hubzilla.fraengii.de}
Beispielbild des Fehlers:

King Emir (Hubzilla)

Test - Hubzilla Soporte en Español - hubzilla@hubzilla.mamalibre.com.ar


#hubzilla #test

Test - Hubzilla Soporte en Español - hubzilla@hubzilla.mamalibre.com.ar hubzilla test n

Fabián Bonetti [mama21mama]

Libranet.de: Stronger Cipher Suite and no TLSv1

I've disabled the TLSv1 protocol for Apache web server and Prosody XMPP server. I also applied a stronger cipher suite for Prosody to enforce the usage of ciphers with Perfect Forward Secrecy.

I've tested HTTPS connections with Firefox and Chromium and XMPP connections with Conversations and Gajim. Works like expected.

Please note: Older browsers like IE up to version 10 and Android up to version 4.2 cannot connect to libranet.de anymore due to a protocol/cipher mismatch.

@{Zot universe NEWS ; zotnews@parlementum.net} #libranet #security #friendica #jabber #xmpp #hubzilla

Steffen K9

#commons is by questionizing the concept of porperty an answer to #capitalism which deviding us in economic categories.
It follows a different logic and comes through culture with shifting minds.

  • it's sharing instead of traiding
  • it's caring instead of profit
  • it's what can I do, instead of what can I get
  • it's what do we need, instead of what do I want

'we can't solve problems with the same pattern we've created them'

transform #capitalism
make #commons


Sketch of the #Fediverse / #TheFederation by Mike from #Hubzilla. source.

Nice that #Socialhome was included 😊 I sure hope #Activitypub kicks off with some implementations soon. Unfortunately there are a lot of questions on how to implement it. Looks like #Mastodon will be the first major platform, hopefully that will pull others. Depending how it works for them 😉

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Jason Robinson

Nach dem NetzDG, 07.06.2017


#Diaspora #NetzDG #Hubzilla #Telepolis #Föderation #federation


Hubzilla connected people. Workshop


Today, I have fiddled around a bit with the #gnusocial network, yesterday I checked out #Hubzilla. I must say that, for now, I find all of them pretty much equally good, but I found all of them to be weak in one very important aspect. I would like to know your thoughts about this.

IMHO, neither gnusocial, nor Hubzilla, nor diaspora* are handling #federation well. I would, from whatever I read about the systems, expect any pod, hub, or instance to be able to synchronise with all the others. There should be a protocol to gather all posts from all pods, hubs, or servers, not only the ones that someone from your own pod/hub/server has already added.

I opened what is here called the public activity on two different #quitter (a gnusocial installation) servers, only to be shown two entirely different timelines. Not even ten percent were shared content.

Maybe I have the wrong idea of what all this should be or has been made for, but as far as I can tell, social media are in part about a sufficient amount of people to connect with. At present, some instances only host a handful of people, others some dozens, and only very few are listing more than a hundred users.

I believe that only once all pods, hubs, and gnusocial servers connect to all the others (maybe even all the other protocols), than there will be a sufficient amount of people online to make those an interesting alternative for people who are tired of Facebook®, Twitter®, what have you, but still go there because only there they’ll find their friends, family, acquaintances, and interests all under one roof, so to speak.

Am I wrong? Or am I doing something wrong?

Babu Menos

Suggestions for new Hubzilla features

I think a few suggestions for new Hubzilla features are to find in Microsoft Privacy Statement https://privacy.microsoft.com/de-de/privacystatement#maincookiessimilartechnologieacsmodule

German translation
Ich kann mir vorstellen. dass man ein Paar Anregungen für neue Hubzilla features könnte man in der
Datenschutzerklärung von Microsoft https://privacy.microsoft.com/en-us/privacystatement#maincookiessimilartechnologieacsmodule holen.

@{Deutschsprachige Nutzer+ ; deutsch@hubzilla.zottel.net} @{Zot universe NEWS+ ; zotnews@parlementum.net}

#Datenschutzerklärung #PrivacyStatement #HubzillaFeatures #Hubzilla #Microsoft

neue medienordnung plus

Mastodon, Friendi.ca, Hubzilla, WeChat, Akasha

#akasha #friendi #hubzilla #mastodon #wechat

heise Telepolis (inoffiziell)

You can now follow/unfollow #diaspora, #friendica and #hubzilla users from #Socialhome. In preparation for user content streams, there is now a link to the user profile. Additionally, a "Home" button exists for remote users which points to the remote home profile of the user.

In other news, we also now have an #API \o/ It's not ... complete, but it does support authenticating (using a token), retrieving profile lists and doing a follow/unfollow action. Some (minimal) docs regarding the API here. For the API next will probably be creating content. Bots, anyone? ;)

Socialhome HQ

Maria KarlsenMaria Karlsen wrote the following post Fri, 02 Jun 2017 12:05:34 -0500

Here you go. The music is Bach and all pictures are from Openclipart.


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Maria KarlsenMaria Karlsen wrote the following post Thu, 01 Jun 2017 22:29:46 +0200

Min förklaring till kloning i Hubzilla (jag planerar att göra en kort video av den när jag får tid):
My explanation to clones in Hubzilla (I plan to make a short video of it when I can find the time):

Hubzilla and cloning

@{Zot universe NEWS+ ; zotnews@parlementum.net}


#Hubzilla #cloning #nomadic_identity

James Lamentus

https://the-federation.info today .

I was one of the first using these networks years ago .. and what do I see after all this time?

The numbers, though not exact, come close to reality.

Users: 649021

Last month active users: 15697

This is absolutely depressing ... the numbers of active users are +- equal to those of the beginning.
And consider that  +- 3500 in joindiaspora (last month active users) ... as centralization style .

#diaspora #friendica #hubzilla .... #thefederation


the federation - a statistics hub
Podlist and statistics for The Federation (diaspora*, Friendica, Hubzilla).

James Lamentus