If I and some friends would like to set up our own social network (i.e. alternative to fb), what would be the best choice?

#Diaspora, #Hubzilla, #Friendica or something completely different?


Thomas Runge

the thing I like the most about the recent update of mastodon.

The federation between #hubzilla and #mastodon is working again. :-)))


So, my #hubzilla account is at Last.Auth, and it has been down a while. And today, trying to access my #friendica account at Nerdica - and it's down. Seth Martin and Ingo Jürgensmann ... anybody in contact with them?

Byrch **

What Other (facebook-like) #Social #Media are others using?


Given this and this; I just wanted to see what other social media sites people are using; outside of #Facebook and "The #Federation" sites?


off my own personal list are

  • #minds.com (hard to connect to people, an image meme fest and they are too interested in monetizing).

  • #seen.is/unseen.is (the owner is on a board of a personal-data collection company and #traceroutes show they are not only in Iceland but also in Langley, VA)

  • #GAB is twitter, Not Facebook.


Anything else new and hot?



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An open-source, community-owned social network providing tools for revenue, reach, privacy and Internet freedom.


#The #Federation

In the US, these things [#Facebook, #Twitter, #Google] are becoming pure Orwellian Evil and those are things that I am interested in for sure.

I am still uncertain on The Federation as the end goal.


Things do not always federate smoothly (with dropped posts, mis-ordered timelines, pods coming and going) -- and I often wonder how many of the pods are plopped in by security #agencies anyway...


Plus the actual usage is quite low.

The Federation [#Hubzilla, #diaspora, #socialhome, etc] claims more than 650,000 or so users; but that is just "I signed up once" users.

Actual use across this whole mess was 16k users last month. In total.

(It is actually kind of embarrassing to claim 650,000+ users given that).


So ... for me ... the jury is out on The Federation.


[Other #diaspora #nits](/posts/4017fe20166f0135bd7e4986d5cbec7f)


the federation - a statistics hub
Podlist and statistics for The Federation (diaspora*, Friendica, Hubzilla).


Seth Martin who has LastAuth..... does anyone know what happened to #LastAuth #hubzilla? I have an account there but cant get on and Seth's account i have (he runs it) here on diaspora is for his LastAuth... which is down.

Byrch **

Hier ist ein Interview mit einem alten Unix-Recken und Netscape/ Google/ FB Dev, der jetzt so coole Projekte wie #Friendica und #Hubzilla in die Welt gesetzt hat. Lesen!
Got Zot — Mike Macgirvin – We Distribute – Medium


An interview with the creator of Friendica, Hubzilla, and the Zot protocol.

Got Zot — Mike Macgirvin – We Distribute – Medium
An interview with the creator of Friendica, Hubzilla, and the Zot protocol.

Tim Schlotfeldt

Newest version of Clarity theme now includes support for the experimental new notification system in the dev branch of #Hubzilla. Took a little poking around the latest commits to understand why it was set up that way, but overall it works great.

My next goal will be to consider updating my widget layout, as I believe some proper housekeeping is in order. Also, it looks like my uploader is broken, so I'll have to look into that. :P

Sean Tilley

Why does diaspora not accept announcements@project.hubzilla.org as a user to search for? Is there some equivalent way to get the information at https://project.hubzilla.org/channel/announcements via Diaspora?

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Ich mache gerade meine ersten Schritte mit Hubzilla. Ich hatte Hubzilla schon einmal vor länger Zeit ausprobiert, es dann aber wieder aufgegeben, weil es mir zu experimentell und unübersichtlich erschien. Ich empfinde es immer noch sehr komplex, aber die umfangreiche Funktionalität ist unheimlich verlockend. Ich denke, ich werde noch ein ganze Weile brauchen, bis ich das Rechtesystem und die ganzen Einstellungsmöglichkeiten verstanden habe, aber ich glaube es wird sich lohnen. Diaspora ist deutlich einfacher zugänglich. Was mir an Hubzilla besonders gefällt ist, dass man besser den Überblick über Beiträge behält, sei es durch die umfangreiche Suchfunktion, Tags, Bockmarks oder Kategorieren. Auf Diaspora tue ich mich immer schwer einen alten interessanten Artikel wiederzufinden - was sehr schade ist.

Wer selbst einen Hub (Hubzilla-Server) aufsetzen will findet hier den Quellcode und hier die umfangreiche Anleitung.

Die Installation ist eigentlich sehr einfach - die Einstellungsmöglichkeiten können einen allerdings abschrecken 😁 Schön ist übrigens, dass man sich u.a. sowohl mit Diaspora, Friendica als auch GNU social verbinden kann.

Wer will kann sich auch gerne auf hub.togart.de umschauen - die Registrierung läuft momentan nur per Einzel-Freischaltung. Vorteil von Hubzilla, man kann problemlos von Hub zu Hub umziehen.

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hubzilla - build community websites that can interact with one another


More interesting posts?

If someone wants to help with contributing more interesting posts for this account, please see the repository here. Maybe a good idea to come and chat about ideas first on IRC, for example, or use the github issues. Contributions welcome!

The post code is relatively simple and can be found here: https://github.com/jaywink/the-federation.info/blob/master/src/social.js

Some ideas:

  • Software stack comparisons
  • Year on year changes
  • Less often looked at stats like new user signups, new comments, etc
  • 10 largest nodes
  • Adding graphs to the posts (Socialhome has an image upload API that allows embedding images to posts)

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the-federation.info - Statistics hub for The Federation

The Federation

"Let's bolt on an application with an entirely different stack because most of the devs in this space are refuseniks who won't use anything other than OStatus for federation" is a lackluster position at best.

#Diaspora, #Friendica, and #Hubzilla have had private mechanisms for years that work really well.

Sean Tilley

Goal for myself: start using #Hubzilla more for everything. I'm the one paying for this damn server after all, might as well treat is as my go-to before all of those other networks I use. :P

Sean Tilley