More about Twitter's toxicity

It's now been about two months since I deleted the Twitter app from my mobile phone, and I've already written about Twitter's toxicity, but something struck me again recently.

On no other social network I've ever been on people hate-retweet so much than on #Twitter. Not even on #Facebook. Hate-retweeting is the act of mentioning someone else's tweet to comment on how bad you think the tweet, the opinion expressed or the person is to you. I don't exactly understand why people on Twitter feel the need of doing that more than on any other platforms, but I have a few hunches:

  • Twitter is hugely popular and mostly public. Many famous people are using it for everyone else to see.
  • The short format encourages candid reactions to events, and the publicity again push people to be the first to comment on anything newsworthy.
  • Anger and humor naturally spread faster than any other speech tone. By combining both, snarky remarks gets the engagement jackpot, which in turn makes them more readily available by Twitter's suggestion features.

For all these reasons, I'm more glad than ever to host my own #Friendica decentralized social network server where there's no public feed to speak of, I control what strikes my eyeballs in my feed, and I feel much less "social media fatigue" than I used to on Twitter. Which means I'm more sensitive to the fewer instances of hate-retweets I still get from my linked Twitter account than when I used to see more of them.

Oh well.

Moving away from Twitter
Last Friday, I chose to honor the movement #WomenBoycottTwitter for a full day, not because I'm a woman, but because I've noticed browsing Twitter specifical...


Ausgewogene Ernährung auf dem #Friendica Hackathon.


Michael Vogel

The different networks I am on, the Fediverse (Gnusocial, Mastodon etc.), the Federation (Diaspora, Friendica etc) and Steemit - has each a special tone because of the different clientèle.

  • The Federation is political and like a bit of fine art to spice up the internet kitch. Mostly common sense adults (apart from my closed family network that is... family)
  • Steemit is Wild West libertarians, beggars and US Americans (also a lot of fun people and fine artists)
  • And the Fediverse is full of whining, I presume it is sensitive youth (not at all an uncommon profile-description: cuteness and depression)

Diaspora and Steemit is heavy on freedom of speech, Mastodon is about safe space for weak souls.

Funny enough they all got the same ideals in many ways, and the technical means to get them. It is only the people who are different.

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Ver "Friendica app" en YouTube <https: dg611wfwois="" youtu.be="">

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Fabián Bonetti [mama21mama]

Friendica makes its debut in Argentina!

Say hi to @{Fabián Bonetti; fabianbonetti@valhalla.mamalibre.com.ar} !
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Hola Mundo #bienvenidos


How does #Friendica examine if a post/article in an #RSS/#Atom feed is new and has to be posted? I have lots of old posts coming up at @{Piratenpartei News (NRW); piraten_news@social.yl.ms} and wonder what is the reason for this. Surely many of these have been posted before.

I think the same happens with my account @{Piratentweets; piratentweets@squeet.me}.

@{Friendica Support; helpers@forum.friendi.ca}



Hi, #libranet

Unless it's my browser's fault, when sharing something via bookmarklet, and not logged in, it redirects to a page that has a login form 100% width of the screen.



Jane Smith

@{Michael Vogel; heluecht@pirati.ca} hast du Probleme mit den Feeds (gehabt)? Keine Panik, nur falls was nicht stimmt damit du bescheid weißt. Der Tweet war schon was älter, sehe aber in letzter Zeit auch, dass Friendica Posts wiederholt.

♲ piratentweets@squeet.me:

Ben Utzer @{utzer ✓; utzer@social.yl.ms}
Ben Utzer on Twitter

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Ben Utzer @utzer
Ben Utzer on Twitter #Piraten #Friendica #Quitter #Diaspora #Mastodon #GnuSocial #Pleroma #Red #Hubzilla #Fediverse #FLOSS #280Z”



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Kommt zu #Friendica und haltet Kontakt zu allen bei #Quitter, #Diaspora, #Mastodon, #GnuSocial, #Pleroma, #Red und #Hubzilla.

Werdet Teil des #Fediverse.

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I have no prior experience in organizing this sort but if thing, but uh, here's a new MeetUp I'm starting.

BAMF - Bay Area Members of the Fediverse

http://meetu.ps/c/3CrlC/vlXjp/d on Meetup

Currently testing it out to gauge interest. If you live in the Bay Area and want to come out and make new friends, that would be the most amazing thing. You are welcome to join, regardless of whether you're from #Diaspora, #Friendica, #Hubzilla, #Libertree, #SocialHome, #Pump or any other federated platform.

I'll pick a date and a venue soon.

#Fediverse #SanFrancisco #BayArea

The Decatur Digital Photography Meetup

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Meet amateur photographers from in and around the Decatur area! Come to a Photography Meetup to talk about the latest gear, swap tips and techniques, attend photo shoots, shar...

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