If I and some friends would like to set up our own social network (i.e. alternative to fb), what would be the best choice?

#Diaspora, #Hubzilla, #Friendica or something completely different?


Thomas Runge

♲ grmpyoldman@quitter.se:

zum #SCDay17 weise ich gerne darauf hin, dass "Social Media" nicht den Konzernen "gehört": #GNUsocial #mastodon #friendica #FLOSS


zum #SCDay17 weise ich gerne darauf hin, dass "Social Media" nicht den Konzernen "gehört": #GNUsocial #mastodon #friendica #FLOSS


♲ grmpyoldman@quitter.se:

zum #SCDay17 weise ich gerne darauf hin, dass "Social Media" nicht den Konzernen "gehört": #GNUsocial #mastodon #friendica #FLOSS


zum #SCDay17 weise ich gerne darauf hin, dass "Social Media" nicht den Konzernen "gehört": #GNUsocial #mastodon #friendica #FLOSS

Michael Vogel

So, my #hubzilla account is at Last.Auth, and it has been down a while. And today, trying to access my #friendica account at Nerdica - and it's down. Seth Martin and Ingo Jürgensmann ... anybody in contact with them?

Byrch **

Hier ist ein Interview mit einem alten Unix-Recken und Netscape/ Google/ FB Dev, der jetzt so coole Projekte wie #Friendica und #Hubzilla in die Welt gesetzt hat. Lesen!
Got Zot — Mike Macgirvin – We Distribute – Medium


An interview with the creator of Friendica, Hubzilla, and the Zot protocol.

Got Zot — Mike Macgirvin – We Distribute – Medium
An interview with the creator of Friendica, Hubzilla, and the Zot protocol.

Tim Schlotfeldt

Mastodon have interface that others must have

Just opened the #Mastodon for myself.
Definitely it have best interface design in social networks world with great attention to details. Hope someday #Friendica will have someting similiar.
<https: joinmastodon.org=""></https:>

Mastodon is an open source decentralized social network - by the people for the people. Join the federation and take back control of your social media!

Max Kostikov

I would like to give a big shout out to @{Tobias; tobias@social.diekershoff.de} for making the Language Filter plugin based off the PEAR library Text_LanguageDetect.

After fiddling with the settings, I now have a timeline more readable than ever, especially since most #Friendica maintainers are mainly speaking and writing in german while I don't.

Here are my winning settings:

  • Minimum confidence in language detection: 23
  • Minimum length of message body: 100

More interesting posts?

If someone wants to help with contributing more interesting posts for this account, please see the repository here. Maybe a good idea to come and chat about ideas first on IRC, for example, or use the github issues. Contributions welcome!

The post code is relatively simple and can be found here: https://github.com/jaywink/the-federation.info/blob/master/src/social.js

Some ideas:

  • Software stack comparisons
  • Year on year changes
  • Less often looked at stats like new user signups, new comments, etc
  • 10 largest nodes
  • Adding graphs to the posts (Socialhome has an image upload API that allows embedding images to posts)

#thefederation #diaspora #friendica #hubzilla #ganggo #socialhome

the-federation.info - Statistics hub for The Federation

The Federation

Anyone knows @{Steve Dowe; doweio@friendica.me} personally? His #Friendica instance is flooding with the same 5 posts at a few minutes intervals and I'd very much like it to stop, but he doesn't seem to be available through Friendica.


Image/photoAdmin Hubzilla.nl wrote the following post Tue, 26 Sep 2017 15:27:37 +0200

Diaspora federation
Dear members of Hubzilla.nl,

Upgrading PHP to 7.1 didn't fix the memory/performance issues we have between 6AM and 9AM (CEST). We did a lot of research and the only cause we could find was that it is related to #Diaspora.

So we are very sorry to inform you that we are going to (temporary) disable the Diaspora protocol. This also means #Friendica can't be reached anymore (cause we are using the Diaspora protocol to connect).

The Diaspora protocol will be disabled today at midnight Utrecht time (CEST)

With 'temporary' we mean that we are going to try it again when the new stable version 2.8 is released. If that still doesn't work, we are are going to retry it with version 3.0, etc, etc. So you can keep you Diaspora accounts (they will probably be archived, but you can re-archive them when we try again).

There are a three options for you:

  • Forget Diaspora for now and wait for the next try when Hubzilla 2.8 is released.
  • Clone or migrate your channel to another hub and federate with Diaspora from there.
  • Use an RSS-reader to subscribe to the public feeds of your Diaspora and Friendica contacts.

Since a few days the poller does not work well, for example it does not pull the feeds very often, so now my server sent out a burst on @{earthquake; earthquake@social.yl.ms} @{Arte Plus 7 (inoffiziell); arteplus7@social.yl.ms}, the later one does not matter, but the eartquakes feed should send the post when the quake actually happend.

Anyone else can see such behavior on his #Friendica node?

@{Friendica Support; helpers@helpers.pyxis.uberspace.de}


Switched to Friendica 3.5.3-rc branch

I've switched this ~friendica instance from develop to RC branch. All the bug fixes for the upcoming 3.5.3 release are merged now. If you experience any problems please report here or at the global support forum.
Thank you.

#libranet #friendica #update

Libranet Support

Ahora si #Choqok, muestra correctamente los caracteres de cada instancia o nodo de #RedesLibres en su cajón de envio correspondiente #gnusocial #friendica

Rogger Ortega

Just added a bunch of accounts from #GNUsocial and #postActiv, with a few #Friendica and #Mastodon people for good measure.

Gotta bridge all of these networks and fill my stream with interesting content somehow!

Sean Tilley