#Mastodon launches their #ActivityPub support, and a new CR! -- ActivityPub Rocks!



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♲ Gargron@mastodon.social:

Mastodon v1.6 is live!

☑️ Easier sharing & discovering content across servers
☑️ Improved first-time user experience
☑️ Fresh new W3C standard #ActivityPub
☑️ Better profiles & pinned toots
Mastodon and the W3C – Eugen Rochko – Medium


Mastodon and the W3C – Eugen Rochko – Medium
The Pub is Now Open, ActivityPub that is!

Steffen K9


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Jason Robinson

Really nice to see also #Red/#Hubzilla side getting an #ActivityPub plugin. Many of the important players are actively working on an implementation or at least participating in discussion. Where is #Diaspora? :P

Hopefully the biggest issues will be ironed out soon, like whether to have signatures or use other delivery verification methods. This is the most important thing not yet decided imho, but there is strong pressure to do so due to implementers wanting it defined. I wish this discussion had been done earlier, but I guess not enough of the right people were participating.


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Jason Robinson

Sketch of the #Fediverse / #TheFederation by Mike from #Hubzilla. source.

Nice that #Socialhome was included 😊 I sure hope #Activitypub kicks off with some implementations soon. Unfortunately there are a lot of questions on how to implement it. Looks like #Mastodon will be the first major platform, hopefully that will pull others. Depending how it works for them 😉

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git checkout -b activitypub

Time to start taking #Python #federation to multi-protocol stage, as it was planned to be from the start ;) Might take a while but got to start some day!


Jason Robinson

Okay, let's chat about it! I've been wanting to see what other people in the #diaspora community think about #activitypub

Let's talk about ActivityPub

I wanted to follow up on this Github Issue, in the hopes of furthering useful discussion with the people who presently work on Diaspora.

Sean Tilley

federation 0.11.0 released

Federation is a #Python library for abstracting #federated #social network protocols through one API. Currently #Diaspora is supported for status messages, comments and likes + all the signing and discovery related parts. Plan is to start working on #ActivityPub support in the next few months.

If you would like to participate or want to talk about the library, pop into IRC FreeNode #python-federation or join the Gitter chatroom.

Release on GitHub.

Release notes

Backwards incompatible changes

Diaspora protocol support added for comment and like relayable types. On inbound payloads the signature included in the payload will be verified against the sender public key. A failed verification will raise SignatureVerificationError. For outbound entities, the author private key will be used to add a signature to the payload.

This introduces some backwards incompatible changes to the way entities are processed. Diaspora entity mappers get_outbound_entity and entity utilities get_full_xml_representation now requires the author private_key as a parameter. This is required to sign outgoing Comment and Reaction (like) entities.

Additionally, Diaspora entity mappers message_to_objects and element_to_objects now take an optional sender_key_fetcher parameter. This must be a function that when called with the sender handle will return the sender public key. This allows using locally cached public keys instead of fetching them as needed. NOTE! If the function is not given, each processed payload will fetch the public key over the network.

A failed payload signature verification now raises a SignatureVerificationError instead of a less specific AssertionError.


  • Three new attributes added to entities.
    • Add protocol name to all entities to attribute _source_protocol. This might be useful for applications to know which protocol payload the entity was created from once multiple protocols are implemented.
    • Add source payload object to the entity at _source_object when processing it.
    • Add sender public key to the entity at _sender_key, but only if it was used for validating signatures.
  • Add support for the new Diaspora payload properties coming in the next protocol version. Old XML payloads are and will be still supported.
  • DiasporaComment and DiasporaLike will get the order of elements in the XML payload as a list in xml_tags. For implementers who want to recreate payloads for these relayables, this list should be saved for later use.
  • High level federation.outbound.handle_send helper function now allows sending entities to a list of recipients without having to deal with payload creation or caring about the protocol (in preparation of being a multi-protocol library).
    • The function takes three parameters, entity that will be sent, from_user that is sending (note, not necessarely authoring, this user will be used to sign the payload for Diaspora for example) and a list of recipients as tuples of recipient handle/domain and optionally protocol. In the future, if protocol is not given, it will be guessed from the recipient handle, and if necessary a network lookup will be made to see what protocols the receiving identity supports.
    • Payloads will be delivered to each receiver only once. Currently only public messages are supported through this helper, so multiple recipients on a single domain will cause only one delivery.


  • Refactor processing of Diaspora payload XML into entities. Diaspora protocol is dropping the <XML><post></post></XML> wrapper for the payloads. Payloads with the wrapper will still be parsed as before.
Jason Robinson


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Jason Robinson

To celebrate the new coming up #NodeInfo version, which improves slightly but still falls short for being a flexible way of describing server metadata, I updated my alternative version draft a bit. The spec now gives recommendation on how to expose metadata from #ActivityPub implementers, which the original NodeInfo is not suitable for (due to dependence on /.well-known and multiple versioning).


Comments welcome :) WIll implement in the-federation.info soon.

#decentralization #federation

nodeinfo2 - NodeInfo2 is an effort to create a standardized way of exposing metadata about a server.

Jason Robinson