So happy to have the quick reply feature finally done for #Socialhome, though only in the upcoming #Vue streams currently. Doesn't yet have image uploads or markdown buttons, those will be added later. For now there is a link to the full editor.

The upcoming Vue streams are available also on https://socialhome.network . To try them, go to preferences and set "Use new stream" on, or alternatively add ?vue=1 to any stream url (no need to register or log in). I'm already using the Vue streams all the time, so we're getting really close to finalizing the rest of the items and making them default. #Testing and #feedback welcome!


Jason Robinson

How we do Vue: one year later

Which is exactly what we've been doing. Like Scala, Vue works really, really well, when used properly. It turns out Vue isn't a buzzword, Vue is a workhorse. A lot of our problems have been solved, by us and others. We still have problems but, we now have a reproducible "way to write Vue." We don't adopt every new idea out there, but we have changed a few things since we last spoke.

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How we do Vue: one year later


Why you moved from Angular 2 to Vue.js

(and why you didn’t understand what React is about)

Or, why we should never compare apples to oranges, again.

A few days ago an article surfaced on Medium titled “Why we moved from Angular 2 to Vue.js (and why we didn’t choose React)”. It finally made it to my circle of peers today, so I finally managed to read what the article is all about. What started out as a promising article quickly derailed into an endless stream of bad takes, to the point where I had to write a counter-critique.

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Why you moved from Angular 2 to Vue.js (and why you didn’t understand what React is about)
Or, why we should never compare apples to oranges, again.


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Profile content stream + minor redesign

Added now a new "All content" stream for each profile. This can be found in the user profile. It is always rendered by default if the profile is remote or is a local profile with no pinned content.

Also related to this a minor redesign of the profile page. The "stamped" area with profile information is now centered with two columns on xl-large screens, two columns on left for large screens and full-width on medium or smaller. It now has a user actions drop-down for modifying settings or profile content, and for other user profiles there are the home/follow/unfollow buttons as in stream content.

The navbar also received a rewrite as bumping a #Bootstrap 4 alpha version broke things again.


Would love to receive feedback on the usefulness of the profile stream, or streams in #Socialhome in general. If you have tried Socialhome, did you find the grid layout useful or confusing?

It is likely the design will live quite a bit in the future. The current one was really a "let's try this" idea which still needs to be proven. Underneath the code is starting to suffer from "spaghetti code" problems with lots of #jQuery events firing to pull the strings. I'm seriously considering rewriting the stream with either #React or maybe #Vue. Before that happens, it would be nice to have a clearer idea of the future stream #UX.

If you want to give feedback or discuss these things, feel free to leave some comments here or get in touch via chats or GitHub issues. Private messages don't yet work in the #federation layer so please don't send those yet.

Project info

As a reminder for new readers. Socialhome is a #Django powered project aiming to create a platform that allows users to create a simple social profile with dynamic content. All content is federated using the #Diaspora protocol. Streams are in a central role, and we plan to have many types of streams, including custom per user streams.

You can find the code here and some documentation. The official site is https://socialhome.network which is a Socialhome instance itself and open for registration. Feel free to play around and feedback is always welcome!

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Socialhome HQ - Socialhome

Socialhome HQ

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Hey everyone, I’m #newhere. I’m interested in #angular, #bike, #linkin-park, #linux, #moto, #php, #php-5, #php-7, #php-developer, #php-development, #rock, #rocknroll, and #vue.