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Catalonia’s failed secession an ominous forecast for Taiwan’s pro-independence forces

By Li Qian Source:Global Times Published: 2017/11/9 18:58:39

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Splitting trend in Europe emboldens separatists in Asia

Catalonia's dramatic declaration of independence from Spain caused wriggling among pro-independent forces in Taiwan

Pro-independent politicians in Taiwan have been pushing for a similar referendum for independence

China's growing influence means international recognition of a one-China principle is expanding

enter image description here Motorcyclists wait at a traffic stop in Taipei. While Taiwan's pro-independence forces feel the influence of Catalonia's pursuit for independence, it is unlikely for them to succeed. Photo: VCG

As Catalonia's pursuit for independence from Spain have come to a snap with suppressed protests and a fugitive regional leader, politicians in Taiwan advocating independence from China are feeling the pinch.

Chinese scholars specializing in Taiwan research say that what is happening in Spain is just a demonstration of where the pursuit of Taiwan independence will lead, and that the reality Taiwan faces is harsher than that surrounding Catalonia.

In a dramatic development of a long-standing secessionist inclination, the Catalonian parliament on October 27 announced independence from Spain after a referendum on October 1, which Madrid declared illegal. About 90 percent of Catalan voters backed independence, though the turnout was only 43 percent.

Spain's Constitutional Court then moved to impose direct control of the region and sacked regional president Carles Puigdemont, who then fled to Belgium.

Taiwan's pro-independence political forces have been following the Catalan situation closely, making sympathizing remarks and comments, as Catalonia's situation mirrors their own. Taiwan's pro-independence New Power Party, the third biggest holding five of the 113 seats of Taiwan's legislature, posted on Facebook one day after the Catalan referendum in support of Catalonia breaking away from Spain.

The party also condemned the Spanish government for "obstructing the referendum with brutal, violent force," and extended their "greatest honor" to the Catalan people "bravely and resolutely expressing themselves."

Pro-independence Taiwan media, including the Liberty Times, also covered Catalonia's events closely.

"But they soon found that things are not what they hoped for," said Zhu Songling, a professor with the Beijing Union University Taiwan Research Center.

As the situation in Spain fell into a precipitous decline, secessionist Taiwan politicians fell from cheerful to despairing. The central government of Spain moved steadily to thwart any attempts at independence by managing protests in Catalonia with an iron hand and pressing charges against rebellious politicians.

More suffocating for Catalan politicians, major Western countries unanimously voiced their support for Madrid. The US State Department said "Catalonia is an integral part of Spain" and that the US supports the Spanish government's efforts to seize control of Catalonia. European countries including Britain and Germany also hold the same attitude.

The Chinese foreign ministry has expressed its support to the Spanish government in dealing with Catalonia's independence movement, saying it is a domestic issue. This is in line with China's diplomatic policy of non-interference.

Taiwan is an inalienable part of China and the Taiwan question is China's domestic affair, the Chinese government has always maintained ever since the Kuomintang Nationalist Party of China was defeated in the civil war and fled to the island in 1949.

Beijing views Taiwan as a territory waiting to be reunited and created the policy of "One country, two systems" to facilitate that goal.

Professor Zhu in Beijing said Taiwan should learn from the Catalonia incident that Taiwan independence is unachievable and that any attempt at independence through a referendum is just another dead-end for Taiwan. "They should wake up," he said.

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