I've slowed down my postings in #gnusocial a bit, in order for the site to better cope with volume. #diasrpora never had limitations.

Dr. Roy Schestowitz (罗伊)

I have left #mastodon for #gnusocial but Mastodon users can still follow me on https://gnusocial.de/schestowitz Mastodon did not give me my contacts!

Dr. Roy Schestowitz (罗伊)

In the past (a couple of years ago) I dabbled in setting up an instance of #diaspora for #techrights

Might instead do it with #gnusocial

Dr. Roy Schestowitz (罗伊)

At risk of overgeneralising, #mastodon seems to be run/managed by hipsters (like #diaspora at the beginning), #gnusocial #statusnet FS folk.

Dr. Roy Schestowitz (罗伊)

Dear lazyweb, Any way to extract my list of contacts from #mastadon when a putz admin denies me access even just to export it? #gnusocial

Dr. Roy Schestowitz (罗伊)

So why is there no good, free theme to make @{WordPress; WordPress@twitter.com} a microblog a la Twitter or #GNUSocial? Is the software too complicated?


The different networks I am on, the Fediverse (Gnusocial, Mastodon etc.), the Federation (Diaspora, Friendica etc) and Steemit - has each a special tone because of the different clientèle.

  • The Federation is political and like a bit of fine art to spice up the internet kitch. Mostly common sense adults (apart from my closed family network that is... family)
  • Steemit is Wild West libertarians, beggars and US Americans (also a lot of fun people and fine artists)
  • And the Fediverse is full of whining, I presume it is sensitive youth (not at all an uncommon profile-description: cuteness and depression)

Diaspora and Steemit is heavy on freedom of speech, Mastodon is about safe space for weak souls.

Funny enough they all got the same ideals in many ways, and the technical means to get them. It is only the people who are different.

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@{Michael Vogel; heluecht@pirati.ca} hast du Probleme mit den Feeds (gehabt)? Keine Panik, nur falls was nicht stimmt damit du bescheid weißt. Der Tweet war schon was älter, sehe aber in letzter Zeit auch, dass Friendica Posts wiederholt.

♲ piratentweets@squeet.me:

Ben Utzer @{utzer ✓; utzer@social.yl.ms}
Ben Utzer on Twitter

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Ben Utzer @utzer
Ben Utzer on Twitter #Piraten #Friendica #Quitter #Diaspora #Mastodon #GnuSocial #Pleroma #Red #Hubzilla #Fediverse #FLOSS #280Z”


Click a esta >invitación .

No digas que no te invitaron.

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Fabián Bonetti [mama21mama]

Kommt zu #Friendica und haltet Kontakt zu allen bei #Quitter, #Diaspora, #Mastodon, #GnuSocial, #Pleroma, #Red und #Hubzilla.

Werdet Teil des #Fediverse.

<https: dir.friendica.social="" servers="">

(Kopie eines Tweets)</https:>


How is it possible that so view people engage around the topic crisis in catalonia?

#Diaspora, #friendica, #gnusocial, #mastodon, #hubzilla....etc. I view as being very #progressive social networks. I love to use them, and I enjoy the conversations I have through them.

But yet still I feel being very dependend on #twitter and such. There is just so little engagment happening about the struggle in #catalonia.

I'm not only sad about, I also believe this is one of the arguments hindering others to use them as their main social network. That's limiting very much the potential the federated networks could have.

On the other hand it could also help to counter the upcomming violence and opression through the spanish state.
We have seen what it means for them to use adequate use of force on #1Oct.
#EU, #NATO and #US are explicitly supporting this. And yet, we're just a view steps away from a new #civilwar within #Europe

With our silence we're legitimating this process.

And shure I know there are just so many struggles and it's hard to engage in all.
But what we always can do is tryn to create connections between the different struggles, and helping to bring them into the spotlight through collective "story telling".

Cause most have much in common. Opressing parts of the society in oder to gain or hold on to the own power and control.

Happening everywhere, all the time.
It's up to us breaking it.

Meanwhile people are inside the EU opressed, leaders are about to finance the building of #hotspots all around Europe and in #Europe, incl. the biggest controled border system of the world.
Abuse is routine daylive in a couple of those hotspots. And we have seen what happend in the past in all europe within the concept of concentration camps. The situation today has many similarities. We have a populist right wing growing all over europe.
We have autonom far-right activism growing...and we see the leading parties of centrism shifting more and more direction right.

We need solidary and horizontal organisation of our society. This is will sustainably counter right wing populism.
Some of those efforts are happening right now in #catalonia. It is true that the leading party under #Puigdemont has a right-wing orientation, but yet much of the struggle is organized through neighbarhood assemblies, which are out of the control of the bourgeois.

With our silence this time window will close for the next years ending in constant violent opression.

NATO, EU and US are already being commited to the side of violence.
What side will you chose? #Diaspora

Paul Free

#Twitter bloquea a #RT ¡NO A LA #CENSURA! ¡NO A TWITTER! ¡USA #GNUSOCIAL!. Varios de por aquí "usan" (son usados de) Twitter, y aún sigo sin comprender por qué hacen esa estupidez
Twitter bloquea todo el contenido publicitario de RT

Twitter bloquea todo el contenido publicitario de RT
La red social Twitter ha tomado la decisión de bloquear cualquier contenido publicitario de la cadena RT y Sputnik.


#Mahlzeit - “Was um Himmels Willen macht der Holger da die letzten Tage?”

werden sich so manche Nutzer von #Diaspora #GNUsocial #Mastodon und #Friendica fragen.


Es sich hoffentlich ziemlich einfach.

Ich möchte von meinem kleinen #Hubzilla Server und dort von meinem Konto


alle Netzwerke bedienen können.

Das beinhaltet das Lesen von Euren Nachrichten, aber auch das Kommentieren und Posten von Nachrichten.

Wenn das klappt, bin ich glücklich und zufrieden. Also bitte das Konto holger@io.hfrc.de bei dir hinzufügen und alles läuft wie gewohnt - Danke 😁