If a decentralized Web doesn’t achieve mass participation, nothing has really changed.

Si la Web descentralizada no logra la participación masiva, nada ha cambiado realmente.

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Diego Ariel

Just a thought how/why to filter multi-lingual posts/users in #hubzilla and #friendica.

I like to follow and read posts from ppl that have a different mother-language then I do. If they also post in their mother-language the chances are high that it doesn't bring me any value, but just filling my timeline...but I don't want to miss their posts that are written in a language that I can read.

possible solution:
- let ppl select the language their post is writen in
- let ppl filter their timeline based on selected language


13 cuentas ya creadas https://valhalla.mamalibre.com.ar/directory

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Fabián Bonetti [mama21mama]

hi @{AStA TU Berlin ; astatuberlin@joindiaspora.com} @{AStA TU Berlin ; astatu@friendica.astatu.berlin} (falls Nachricht angekommen, bitte kurzes feedback...das klappt nämlich nicht immer)
Finde es super euch auf offenen foederierten Netzen zu lesen. Und noch schoener zu wissen dass ihr nun auch einen eigenen #friendica server betreibt.

ich schreibe euch da mir die derzeitige Debatte um das #NetzDG, insbesonderer aus emanzipatorischer Perspektive, sehr einseitig vorkommt.

Nach dem das NetzDG in Kraft getreten ist, wurde #TITANIC auf twitter gesperrt. Das zieht/zog weite Kreise. Das ist allerdings kein Einzelfall, wird kein Einzelfall bleiben und war schon immer ein skrukturelles Problem.

Selbst ohne das #NetzDG wären gleiche/ähnliche Probleme weiterhin vorhanden.

Das größte Problem aus meiner Sicht ist (welches in der Debatte leider nahezu ausgelassen wird), dass sich Millionen Menschen dazu entscheiden ihre Kommunikation von oligarichen Strukturen (fb/twitter...) dominieren zu lassen.

Auf twitter schafft die Debatte um das NetzDG gleichzeitig großen Raum für Stimmenfang der AfD. (in fb schau ich erst gar nicht mehr rein)

Meine Wahrnehmung des aktuellen Diskurs überspitze formuliert:
“mimimi, Gesetz doof, Politker*Innen doof, twitter doof, Populismus für Afd yeah, FUCK”

Ich würde gerne für eine Debatte hin zum Gegenentwurf einladen. Emanzipatorische Chancen nach/mit/trotz NetzDG – gemeinschaftlich organisierte föderierte soziale Netzwerke.

Diese überwinden nämlich nicht nur die oligariche Strukturen von fb/twitter..etc sondern liegen außerhalb des Anwendungsbereich des NetzDG.

Einen Artikel dazu habe ich hier veröffentlicht:


gerne/bitte verbreiten/erweitern/veraendern. Text ist CC0 Bilder obligen evtl. anderer Lizenz.

...hatte auch versucht das Thema in die #taz, #neuesdeutschand, #netzpolitik und #titanic zu transportiern, leider ohne Erfolg.


I am a proud diasporan but am curious if anyone wants to share their experiences with members of the federation other than #diaspora such as #friendica #hubzilla and #socialhome


the federation - a statistics hub
Podlist and statistics for The Federation (diaspora*, Friendica, Hubzilla).

Dalmatian Dan

**I remember Tazman Devil tazman@wk3.org quite well... only recently our @{Mulk; mulk@diasp.eu} told me that Tony passed away January 6, 2018... so so sad, such great guy!

for the ones interested here is his vimeo...**

Thank you James for sharing this gem!

Avatar @{ James Lamentus ; jameslamentus@gerzilla.de} <sup> 10/01/2018, 19:53:17</sup>

Image/photoZot universe NEWS wrote the following post Wed, 10 Jan 2018 19:25:28 +0100

Big Thank Haakon ;-)


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<sub>via @{Jason Robinson ; jaywink@jasonrobinson.me}<br></sub>

YA ∵

Image/photoZot universe NEWS wrote the following post Wed, 10 Jan 2018 19:25:28 +0100

Big Thank Haakon ;-)

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James Lamentus

Image/photogiac hellvecio wrote the following post Mon, 08 Jan 2018 16:48:40 +0100

With great sadness I discovered today that our friend Tony B. aka Tazman has left us.
My great adventure companion and friend in these 6/7 years of free foss networks.
Rest in peace my friend and find serenity in the other dimension <3 ... <3

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James Lamentus

Valhalla ya tiene 7 usuarios.

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Fabián Bonetti [mama21mama]

NEW: Community streams and interactions on public items

Hello LIBRANET.de users,
I've merged the latest changes to the ~friendica develop codebase into the running code on LIBRANET.de. There are some big usability changes.


1.) The community page has two separate streams now. The first one shows all public posts of the users of this node (libranet.de). The second one shows public posts from all over the federated network (Friendica, Diaspora, Hubzilla, Mastodon, GnuSocial). If you are familiar with Mastodon's local timeline and federated timeline, then you know the underlying principle already.

2.) It is now possible to interact with public items from strangers or let's call them 'non-contacts'. 😀 Every user can comment, like and reshare all public posts now. This is a big step for Friendica's usability, especially on the community pages.

Please be aware that these changes are experimental, not yet feature complete and still under development. So, if you find glitches or errors, please report them.
GitHub issue: <https: 4117="" friendica="" github.com="" issues="">

Have fun!

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Build software better, together
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Currently this node is aware of 2154 nodes with 1082380 registered users from the following platforms:

Friendica (305/711)
diaspora (211/631960)
red (19/0)
hubzilla (124/271)
GNU Social (180/1814)
StatusNet (11/0)
Mastodon (1274/447293)
Pleroma (27/331)
socialhome (3/0)

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Happy New Year Friendica!

On this new year celebration, I'd like to tout our own horn here at #Friendica and reflect on the impressive amount of work that went into improving the software on all fronts.

This year, we:

  • Added support for Unicode emojis 🎉.
  • Added Mastodon to the long list of protocols/networks we support 🐘.
  • Moved and improved the main directory at dir.friendica.social 📇.
  • Improved or added Russian, Italian, British, Portuguese, Spanish, German and Chinese translations 🇺🇳.
  • Defined coding standards for the project and made numerous files compliant.
  • Added Composer support and moved some third-party libraries to the vendor/ folder and some global includes to the src/ folder where they are now auto-loaded.
  • Added several missing API calls to further integration with Twidere.
  • Completely overhauled the background processes.
  • Started using prepared statements instead of explicit parameter escaping.

And this on top of all the usual bug fixes and various improvements we regularly come up with.

Thanks @{Friendica Developers; developers@forum.friendi.ca}, and here's to a new year of happy coding! 🎉

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A por el 2018! con ganas, eh? que no decaiga la cosa! #fediverse #friendica #diaspora #pumpio #gnusocial #mastodon


Suso Comesaña