#GutenMorgen - Schnell noch einen Kaffee...

... und dann ist auch schon Wochenende ☕

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@{Michael Vogel; heluecht@pirati.ca} hast du Probleme mit den Feeds (gehabt)? Keine Panik, nur falls was nicht stimmt damit du bescheid weißt. Der Tweet war schon was älter, sehe aber in letzter Zeit auch, dass Friendica Posts wiederholt.

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Ben Utzer @{utzer ✓; utzer@social.yl.ms}
Ben Utzer on Twitter

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Ben Utzer @utzer
Ben Utzer on Twitter #Piraten #Friendica #Quitter #Diaspora #Mastodon #GnuSocial #Pleroma #Red #Hubzilla #Fediverse #FLOSS #280Z”


#GutenMorgen • 1°C und es soll nicht wirklich warm werden

Ganz im Gegenteil. Es ist hier auch noch Regen angesagt bei Temperaturen bis zu maximal 6°C. Dann ist wahrscheinlich die erste Schlitterpartie eröffnet 😲
Okay -schnell den Kaffee trinken, bevor der auch noch kalt wird ☕

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#GutenMorgen - Die Bastelzeit ist eröffnet

Okay - mit Weihnachten hat der Jutebeutel noch nichts zu tun, aber das nächte Gebastel dann ganz bestimmt. Es warten Grußkarten, Engel und Christbaumschmuck darauf fertig gestellt zu werden ☕


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#GutenMorgen - Es ist kalt, aber bei strahlendem Sonnenschein und Temperaturen von 3°C. Es soll aber heute noch richtig kuschelig werden. Bis zu 6°C können es hier in Schwerin werden. Na denn, auf zum Flohmarkt ☕

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Kommt zu #Friendica und haltet Kontakt zu allen bei #Quitter, #Diaspora, #Mastodon, #GnuSocial, #Pleroma, #Red und #Hubzilla.

Werdet Teil des #Fediverse.

<https: dir.friendica.social="" servers="">

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I have no prior experience in organizing this sort but if thing, but uh, here's a new MeetUp I'm starting.

BAMF - Bay Area Members of the Fediverse

http://meetu.ps/c/3CrlC/vlXjp/d on Meetup

Currently testing it out to gauge interest. If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area and want to come out and make new friends, that would be the most amazing thing. You are welcome to join, regardless of whether you're from #Diaspora, #Friendica, #Hubzilla, or any other federated platform.

I'll pick a date and a venue soon.

#Fediverse #SanFrancisco #BayArea

The Decatur Digital Photography Meetup

Decatur, GA
681 Photographers

Meet amateur photographers from in and around the Decatur area! Come to a Photography Meetup to talk about the latest gear, swap tips and techniques, attend photo shoots, shar...

Next Meetup

AWARE Wildlife Center and Arabia Mountain Nature Preserve

Saturday, Nov 11, 2017, 11:30 AM
17 Attending

Check out this Meetup Group →

Sean Tilley

Hey, Hubzilla.
I'm newhere.
Long live #fediverse


Holy cow!

Only now did I realize in Friendica people following you can see all your comments across the network, easily. ~ music from Pink Panther

...diving deeper into each #fediverse network is fun!


Fediverse Interview

I was interviewed by a fellow companion from the fediverse, who contacted me through my Mastodon account to see if I wanted to participate on his project of a series of interviews done across all of the fediverse to all kinds of people.

On the interview I talk about my interest in FLOSS, what I think of the current affairs regarding the independence of Catalunya and my views on anarchism.

If you want to read the interview just follow this link.

If you want to follow my Mastodon account, here's the link.

Thank you all for your time :-)

#Interview #fediverse #FLOSS #Catalunya #Anarchism

Javier Bastardo

Moving away from Twitter

Last Friday, I chose to honor the movement #WomenBoycottTwitter for a full day, not because I'm a woman, but because I've noticed browsing Twitter specifically puts me in a bad mood. This started a bout a year ago with the fateful election of Donald Trump to President of the United States of America and it slowly grew worse over time.

On the same platform, I blocked 3,920 accounts promoting tweets and muted 97 accounts I deemed uninteresting, numbers I would be hard pressed to match on the #Fediverse / #Federation. As long as I was otherwise enjoying the service I didn't mind too much, but now it just looks silly.

However, I have contacts I only have through Twitter, and I'm not ready to completely sever all my ties with them. As a temporary solution, I've enabled #Friendica's Twitter plugin to import my timeline from Twitter in my feed. It's going to increase the volume by about an order of magnitude, so I proceeded to weed out chatty contacts who only made sense on Twitter.

I still have an open account on Twitter, but at least I won't be using their clients, seeing their ads or being shown random offensive tweets on popular retweets. The only regret I have is about Private Messages that aren't compatible with Friendica's. I hope people I know will send me text messages instead but I know it won't happen unless I do it. It's an unfortunate side effect of leaving convenient platforms and I already have first-hand experience of this phenomenon after I was kicked from Facebook.

Thanks for reading!


💡 An idea for #federation that I came across in #fediverse

TL;DR: autofollow bot to improve the view of the federation of every instance

Reading GNU Social's manual... "Hashtags are somewhat limited in GNU social because your server does not have a complete view of the network. Suppose your server has 10 accounts on it. It knows about every post that those 10 people make. If each person follows 10 different people on remote servers, that’s 100 extra people. Now your server knows about the posts from 110 accounts. If you click on a hashtag on your server, it’s only ever possible to see posts from those 110 people."

...makes it clear that all networks have same ~~problems~~ tricks. If a user registers at a small instance (or runs one), they face the issue of an empty stream, or "the ghost town" as some users call it, until they subscribe to many users on different pods. In #Mastodon they came up with autofollow bot, like this one - and here it is at work on one instance, autofollowing Mastodon, GNU Social accounts (and probably other fediverse compatible instances). These bots are doing a good job of making the timeline of smaller instances more interesting. They also help make the fediverse more connected. (They are also used by some who try to collect subscribers in a twitter-ish fashion, following, then unfollowing -- but eh, that's inevitable human nature I guess :)

I haven't come across such bot for #diaspora. So thought it might be useful.

mastodon-autofollow - Autofollow bot for mastodon


<https: 918668660608323584="" mrpetovan="" status="" twitter.com=""> #Fediverse #Federation</https:>