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There are some acounts on #diaspora that I can comment on their posts and others where I can't.

Does someone know the reason for that?
Is it cause they blocked everyone from comenting who is not their 'friend' or is it caused by somesort of incompatibility between some nodes.


Hi diasporians and other gods,

I'm NOT #newhere (#neuhier / #hola), but I've installed #diaspora minor release successfully on my #pod ingtech.net, running on a #debian gnu/#linux "jessie" release 8.10 host instance for #amd64 (x86_64) hostsystems! BTW: really many thanks to all core developers, ruby coders & helpers of this genious, symptatic, stable & fully decentralized... 21th century hmmmmm... open source online social network project :) Sincerly, Vaxima

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Vaxima (Ingmar S. Horn)

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------------------> Mi Amigo Diente De León (Taraxacum officinale)


¿Qué podría suceder si alguién comparte este vídeo en #Facebook?


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Diego Ariel

List and search users in #Diaspora

It would be desirable for users to appear in different search filters as long as they don't have the "Allow people to find you in diaspora* "checkbox checked.

The filters could be, users of a pod, by country, recently joined to Diaspora among other filters. What do you think of the proposal?

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Diego Ariel

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bekomme <neuerdings> sehr häufig den Fehler im Log geliefert :

ActiveRecord::RecordInvalid: Validation failed: Target has already been taken

weiss jemand was der zu bedeuten hat ???</neuerdings>



mmm. that's nice. i was surprised i wasnt signed up on wikipedia yet. ... so all my other edits, i did without login, just my ip. wow. added diaspora to the microblogging page (since fascbook was there already too). after, i clicked on the notifications, and in the welcome page, i saw that video linked on the right. tis v nice. :)

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diasp.org going damn well!

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YA ∵

Possible shutdown of this profile

Hey all, this is Theatre X and I started and operated this account for a few years now. I am expecting a child within the next few months and I am currently tying up loose ends to move on in life to more demanding responsibilities.

In an interest of character building and growing I want to focus more on my education, career, and family now.

I am looking for someone who may be interested in taking full responsibility for this account and doing whatever they please with it for the #diaspora* community.

If I do not get a response by Tuesday morning (I'm in New York State, United States), then I will close the account for good. If it should come to that, I will say here and now that I thank all of you for your interest and I'm pleased to have (hopefully) put a smile on your faces and metal horns in the air! \m/

Good health and life everyone!

  - T

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Metal/Rock On Diaspora

Hola: nodo #Diaspora de #Undernet (Uruguay) otra vez en línea. Mi cuenta es @gabriel@diasp.undernet.uy


#Really? Any #Australians here on #diaspora? #rocket #science


The #Diaspora #Docker image has been upgraded to v0.7.2.1.

docker pull koehn/diaspora:latest or docker pull koehn/disapora:

My pod will be running this as soon as it finishes pre-compiling assets.

Brad Koehn

Good morning #diaspora @{Diaspora*Town Podmin; podmin@diaspora.town} !

Carlos Octavio Caffaratti