Today memebers of the catalan goverment have been send to #prison.
They are accused of sedition and rebellion. They face up to 30 years in #prison

The way spanish goverment and mainsteam media argues is nothing more then hypocracy.

"To agrue that "#catalonia" has the right for self-determination under the consitutional law of #Spain" is like sayn, all women have the right to divorce their husbands but only if their husbands agree."

Also this argument is illegitim after international law. But as with every law, it's not the law that garantees the rights, it's those in power interpretating their meaning.

Also to notice, last friday #27Oct, #Spain has rolled out #Art155. This gives them under spanish law the legal authority to take full control over #catalonia.

- cencorship
- taking control over media
- taking control over police
- arresting leaders of indipendence movment

Just to remind the reason why spanish prosecutors filling out trials against sedition and rebellion by leaders behind the indipendence movment in #catalonia.

It happend on #1Oct. People wanted to vote, some for indipendent #catalonia and some against, but they wanted to vote. That's illegal under spanish institution.
And as Junker said, sometimes it needs the use of force to protect the insitutions.
...and they did

warning. vid containes #policeviolence

#politics #news


Today around 13:00 the press conference started.

#Puigdemont spoke multilingual. Spanish, english, catlan and frensh.

Here a short summary of what is being said.

- reminding that they always wanted dialoge
- that they would have suspended the indipendence declaration if spanish goverment would agree to dialoge
- that violence was started by spain
- being here to bring the issue to the heard of #EU, #bruessel
- we will continue our work as goverment
- not fleeing the law, but calling for a fair process
- we share democratic values and want them to be protected
- we respect the will of catalan people and their expression throught the referendum, and asking #Rajoy if he also respects that
- calling civil service for civic protests
- will turn back to #catalonia if garantees by spanish goverment is being made
- the charges against Puigdemont and the 5 ministers of sedition are unlawfull
- left catalonia to avoid confrontation, as the last confrontation of #1Oct ended in an act of violence by spanish police against catalans
- we'er not here to speak about local belgium politics we're here to continue with to work for catalonia
- we're citizens of europe and we have the right to travel within europe as we want
- not here to ask for poitical asylum

I've watched the livesteam via: http://www.euronews.com/2017/10/31/former-catalan-leader-puigdemont-makes-speech-in-brussels

#EU #spain #bruessel #catalogne #catalunya #europe #freespeech

Full speech: Puigdemont says he's not in Belgium to seek asylum
Deposed Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont today (October 31) made a public appearance in Brussels in which he said he was not attempting to seek political


How is it possible that so view people engage around the topic crisis in catalonia?

#Diaspora, #friendica, #gnusocial, #mastodon, #hubzilla....etc. I view as being very #progressive social networks. I love to use them, and I enjoy the conversations I have through them.

But yet still I feel being very dependend on #twitter and such. There is just so little engagment happening about the struggle in #catalonia.

I'm not only sad about, I also believe this is one of the arguments hindering others to use them as their main social network. That's limiting very much the potential the federated networks could have.

On the other hand it could also help to counter the upcomming violence and opression through the spanish state.
We have seen what it means for them to use adequate use of force on #1Oct.
#EU, #NATO and #US are explicitly supporting this. And yet, we're just a view steps away from a new #civilwar within #Europe

With our silence we're legitimating this process.

And shure I know there are just so many struggles and it's hard to engage in all.
But what we always can do is tryn to create connections between the different struggles, and helping to bring them into the spotlight through collective "story telling".

Cause most have much in common. Opressing parts of the society in oder to gain or hold on to the own power and control.

Happening everywhere, all the time.
It's up to us breaking it.

Meanwhile people are inside the EU opressed, leaders are about to finance the building of #hotspots all around Europe and in #Europe, incl. the biggest controled border system of the world.
Abuse is routine daylive in a couple of those hotspots. And we have seen what happend in the past in all europe within the concept of concentration camps. The situation today has many similarities. We have a populist right wing growing all over europe.
We have autonom far-right activism growing...and we see the leading parties of centrism shifting more and more direction right.

We need solidary and horizontal organisation of our society. This is will sustainably counter right wing populism.
Some of those efforts are happening right now in #catalonia. It is true that the leading party under #Puigdemont has a right-wing orientation, but yet much of the struggle is organized through neighbarhood assemblies, which are out of the control of the bourgeois.

With our silence this time window will close for the next years ending in constant violent opression.

NATO, EU and US are already being commited to the side of violence.
What side will you chose? #Diaspora

Paul Free

A short overview into the very last development in #catalonia, following with some more thoughts about the indipendence development.

- yesterday Puigdemont offerd Rajoy to stop indipendence process and call for snap elections if Art. 155 won't be invoked
- Rajoy didn't toke that offer
- Puigdemont toke back his offer and announced to have a final vote in the parliament to suspend the suspended indipendence declaration (yes you have read correct xD, in oder to gain more time and open a window for dialoge, secounds after the indipendence was declared, following the #referendum from #1Oct, it got suspended. The suspendion is now suspended, and so became catalonia an "indipendent" state)
- parliament of #spain voted in favor of activating Art. 155, which is known as a "nuclear desaster" law. The law itself is very unconcrete, but basicly legitimates the spanish goverment to act as being a dictatorship.
plans, even so still unconcrete are:

* taking control over the catalan police, the mossos
* aresting leading people behind the indipendence movment (which already has started, incl. charges against many catalan majors for sedition
* taking control over media
* cencorship
* forbitting demonstrations
* calling for new elections, and forbitting all parties who have been pro referendum

Several organisation have called for protests. Also farmers came with their tractors to block the spanish police in case they planed to take over the catalan parliament.


Here some reaction about the fresh nation:



The international reaction coming from leading politicians are deeply concerning. Nearly no one beside scottland, was in favor of holding up international rights, such as the right for a society for self-determination. All had the same message, against catalonia, pro spain:

"we need a strong united spain. If this requires violent force, we will accept this."


EU VP, said shortly after the referendum in face of police violence following:

“....a duty for any government to uphold the rule of law, and this sometimes does require the proportionate use of force. We understand that people wanted to express their views. Freedom of expression is a fundamental right for all European citizens, and thus for all Spanish citizens. But one opinion is not more valuable than another opinion, only because it is expressed more loudly...

EU parliament President stated today (27.10.2017) :
"For EU nothing changes. Spain remains our only interlocutor. I hope the Spanish government favours force of argument, not argument of force."

Basilcy it is sayn, do what you think is needed in oder to protect your institution and would be cool if you could do it without violence, but hey, up to you.

This in the eyes of the incredible police violence we have seen duing the referendum on #1Oct, all this is adding oil into the fire. The reasons for this seem to be a great fear, of loosing control. This has been stated by EU and Spain (I've lost the links, will add this once I'll got them again)

“In 2005, there was an attempt to change the status of the Autonomy of Catalonia, involving improved conditions that allowed a greater autonomy and, mainly, the abandonment of Catalonia’s obligation to financially support the rest of the Spanish Autonomies. The government bill was eventually blocked in 2010 by the Constitutional Court of Spain, despite the fact that it had been approved (74% of the voters, 51% electoral abstention) by a referendum in Catalonia in 2006. Catalonia has had one of the highest GDP rates in comparison to the rest of the Autonomies for several years now, before and after the 2008 financial crisis. A large part of these revenues is allocated for the economic support of the financially weaker Autonomies. This system of state redistribution of resources was what the Catalan bourgeoisie has aimed to get rid of, but has failed. This is actually one of the main disputes in the current situation, which is directly related to the formation of a Catalan state tax collecting mechanism that will not be accountable to the central Spanish government.”
quote from an article made by 2 anarchists from athen. The full article you find here:

The indipendence movment as a process in favor of self-determination and questionizing and changing spanish institution has started somewhen around 2010 (I do not know the exact year, but though somewhen around 2010)
It was lead through gassroot movment #15M and such. #Podemos was later then, got created as a party through the energy coming from the streets. Some call it a process of insitutionalizing the revolutionary energy.
In 2011 major nationalist organisation joined the running wagon and shaped the focused more into building an indipendent state.
During the years, it has grown and lead then finaly to todays declaration of indipendence. A great #podcast on this topic, you'll find here. I highly recoment it: https://todon.nl/@paulfree14/1077821

To get some perspective into the revolutionary concept and major key player, beside the celebratarian politician show, is the article published by the guardian a great start:
*Catalonia’s fight is driven by a passion for neighbourhood, not nationhood*

"… The international community still fails to recognise that the region has witnessed an unprecedented revolution in participative democracy that started long before the referendum, and will almost certainly outlast any constitutional settlement...
(even so I would say it's definatly also heavy driving by nationalism, but much less as it might seem from the outside)

In all there is a really strong drive to organize society absent from capitalistic "values". One of the grassroots initiatives who became very succsesfull is called Catalonia Integral Coperative.
To know more about their concept and work have a read into this:

And as you're propably interested into organizing our internet accsess in a different and more democratic way then it is now, to also protect #netneutrality, you should check out the #meshnet they developed:

It is called guiffynet and an "attempt to create an alternative autonomous internet infrastructure, mostly based in the Catalan region of Spain"
"a bottom-up, citizen-driven technological, social and economic project with the objective of creating a free, open and neutral telecommunications network based on a commons governance model"

There are many more possitive examples. And yet is it all in great danger. No, that's not some kind of populist phrasing, I would be glad if it would be. We have seen how apropriated use of force by the spanish police looked like during #1Oct, and it is called to reapeat a “apropriated use of force all under the flag of law and order.
Through spanish media their has been spreading a narrative of the inapropiated and very violent police force would be fake news. Yes it is true some pictures have been from other events then the description suggested. But the crackdown of polling station, incl smashing people (some died, cause of heard attac and simliar) that was very real. And this will repeat if the international community doesn't stand up.

Myself I'm not happy with any state, but Spain is very close starting a #civilwar. And that all just to protect it's institution.
With what spain and leading politicians are doing they are awakening the fascist "ghost” we hoped would have died after the transition process from Francoist regime into democracy in 1978.
Latest since the anit-indipendence protests with many singing the old fascist anthem while saluting with the right arm up we’re reminded how naiv this view was.

On this topic I can adive to read an article published by counterpunsh.
'Manuel Fraga Iribarne, one of Franco’s ministers during the dictatorship, founded Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy’s Popular Party. The party is currently enmeshed in a corruption scandal of its own. Spain’s royal family is similarly linked to Franco and has also been brought to trial for its own set of corruption charges.'

'...fascists who engaged in the mass murder of civilians for the purpose of “cleansing” their societies'

'And yet we on the outside continue to make excuses for Spain, often conflating its problems with Catalonia to a squabble about taxes.'

'Franco’s fascist dictatorship was the same environment of suppression and authority in which the current Constitution was written.'

'During the years of Franco’s dictatorship, Catalonia was one of Spain’s strongholds of resistance, and the Catalan people suffered enormously for it.'

How this all is going to develop is unwriten. And it’s up to us looking away, or being part of forming resistent towards the upcomming threats.

Everyone free to choose their way of resitstance and solidarity, based on once own time and engery.

just some idea:

- inform yourself and others
- reach out to journalists and politicians
- mark spanish ambassies, and leading institutions supporting the violence (how ever you feel comfortable, can be with your body, banner, paint…don’t forget to spread your actions to your favorite news outlet=)

some thought by somone living in catalonia for around 9 years, but not being allowed to vote I have published here:


An Anarchist perspective on the referendum in catalonia:
#catalonia #spain #1Oct

'We don’t believe in new states, especially not within a capitalist framework. We are convinced that we need an anti-capitalistic social transformation where production, consumption and decision-making are self-organized and in the hands of the people, a social transformation without states and borders. But we also can’t look away when the Spanish state is showing its ugly fascist #Francoist face and repress people.

1976 former Francoist minister Manuel Fraga founded the People’s Alliance. Fraga authorized the execution of political prisoners under the Franco regime. Fraga was also one of the writers of the new Spanish constitution which was approved in 1978 and was never charged for the crimes he committed during the Franco years

The now governing Partido Popular (#PP) of prime-minster Mariano Rajoy was a re-foundation (in 1989) of the People’s Alliance, again founded by Manuel #Fraga.
#antifa #fascism


The following lines are writen by @mirla@quitter.cat who's living in catalonia since 9 years:

There are diferent views, indeed. "Spain" says catalan referendum is not legal nor democratic. "Catalan" view is that they have been trying to establish legal referendum for years and that this is democratic solution. They have been transparent about it.
Now Spanish government reacted in a very non-democratic way, repressing basic human rights, persecuting local government, imposing huge fines, repressing freedom of speach, persecuting journalists and media. Also they have censored referendum website that was on .cat extension (that more or less was legal according to them) but also cut out some .eu mirrors (they should respect european legislation and afaik they didn't). They say that "catalunya" is not acting regarding the law, but themselves they don't do it neither.
There is popular will to have independent republic of #Catalunya and also there is a lot of political manipulation.

From my personal point of view I support "separatist" side as for me republic is better then monarchy. Also having a small state seems to me to be a better solution as population has more access to control their governors. I liked Catalan viewpoint, as they did a lot of efforts to be tolerant and inclusive, there is a huge cooperativist movement, FOSS is more and more supported form local government side.
At the other hand I feel sad for the most recent "Catalanist" discours talking only about "Catalans" and not respecting local diversity, including people from other parts of Spain, Europe and elswere.
I have heard only Ada Colau, the Mayor of Barcelona, always respecting this diversity of cultures. I have been living here for 9 years and I have no right to vote in referendum. And I am European mind you, what about rights of other immigrants? We are a lot here and suddenly we do not exist any more. And this is worrying me.

As for anarchist perspective, there is a lot of anarcho-independentists (it was hard to understand for me at the beginning).
I can mention http://negrestempestes.cat/ - they seem to be in favour of some kind of separatism, yet they are very critical with the ways. Obviously, voting will not make us free.

CUP is pretty much like anarchists (this is my opinion), but they enter political game. Not only they claim refendum, desobedience and republic, but also in the way of organising themselves they tend to apply some self-management, more horizontal structures, feminism and such. Far from being perfect at least they do, they try, they act for what they preach.

Hope it helps you to grasp it.
Maybe later @auroch shares some of his opinions, so you get more complete view, as we often do not agree on things.
#spain #catalonia #referendum #1OCT