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<p>George W. Bush: La gran mayoría de nuestras importaciones vienen de fuera del país.</p>


The Vietnam syndrome: How we lost it and why we need it back

Source: Reason
by Steve Chapman

“The Vietnam War was the greatest U.S. military catastrophe of the 20th century. A conflict begun under false pretenses, based on ignorance and hubris, it killed 58,000 Americans and as many as 3 million Vietnamese. It ended in utter failure. Never in our history have so many lives been wasted on such monumental futility. It was a national trauma worse than any since the Great Depression, and it left deep gashes in the American psyche. It instilled an aversion to wars of choice that became known as the Vietnam syndrome. The allergy might have lasted for generations. It didn’t. In 2001, just 26 years after the fall of Saigon, the United States invaded Afghanistan. American troops have been fighting there twice as long as we fought in Vietnam. Once again we find ourselves mired in an incomprehensible land, amid people who distrust us. Once again we are aligned with a corrupt regime that couldn’t survive without our help as we incur casualties in the pursuit of goals we never reach.” [editor’s note: Who’s this “we” Chapman speaks of? Does he have a mouse in his pocket? – TLK] (09/21/17)

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The Vietnam Syndrome: How We Lost It and Why We Need It Back
How could we be repeating the mistakes of Vietnam already?

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<p>Fidel Castro: En España gobiernan los admiradores de Franco.</p>


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